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the director in charge of the artistic features of a theatrical production (costumes and scenery and lighting)

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USA], Jan 13 (ANI): Two-time Oscar-winning production designer and art director Terence Marsh has died at the age of 86.
McCabe: Our creative teams are made up of copywriters, art directors and a creative team leader--who may also play the role of art director or copywriter within the group when needed.
Scott was a trustee and a member of the Executive Board of the Art Directors Guild.
The term "creative" is used to collectively identify a heterogeneous group of advertising professionals--copywriters, art directors, producers, and even, in the age of the internet--computer programmers.
Most companies probably won't want to start out with a full-time salaried art director, so get the help of an expert - advice from the corporate art advisory service at your local museum or a consultant.
Designing something appropriate for the audience is critical, as Michael Hagelberg, art director at Arizona State University, Tempe, points out: "Success depends upon analyzing the audience.
Launched this week at the Folio: Show in New York, the service enables all stakeholders of a publishing process (editors, publishers, art directors, and marketers) to collaborate on publication development - from any place at any time.
RECORDING PACKAGE: ``Dirty Vegas,'' Simon Earith, art director (Dirty Vegas); ``The Great Divide,'' Rick Patrick, art director (Willie Nelson); ``Home,'' Kevin Reagan, art director (Dixie Chicks); ``Release,'' Greg Foley, art director (Pet Shop Boys); ``Worship and Tribute,'' Mick Haggerty, art director (Glassjaw).
Art directors less readily accepted the computer because they didn't want to abandon traditional tools that had served them well and because so much of what they saw coming from computers was in the form of design cliches: inevitable shadow boxes, excessive textures, intrusive geometric shapes, showboat typography.
Digital Light Source is a state-of-the-art stock photography company designed with today's photo researchers, art directors, graphic designers in mind.
Students were divided into groups and one student in each group was selected to be the art director, who coordinated their efforts.
The movie is being shown Sunday by the Art Directors Guild Film Society in a tribute to the late art director Carroll Clark.
Cook's work has been honored by national and international design, advertising and communications competitions such as Communication Arts, the LA Art Directors Club, One Show, The New York Art Directors Club, Society of Publication Designers and the San Francisco Show.
SIX DEGREES OF ART DIRECTION: The Art Directors Guild Film Society has planned a Sunday screening of ``Six Degrees of Separation,'' the Fred Schepisi drawing room comedy about a young con man (Will Smith) who convinces some well-off New Yorkers that he is Sidney Poitier's son.
His selection was determined for his "distinguished body of work" by a recommendation of the Council of the Art Directors Guild (ADG).