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the director in charge of the artistic features of a theatrical production (costumes and scenery and lighting)

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The inaugural event features presentations by award-winning leaders in art direction, marketing, mindfulness, and creativity, and takes place on October 29 & 30, 2015 in Raleigh, North Carolina.
As expected benefits, it includes the editorial board, art direction, editorial services, layout, setting illustration, photogravure, providing HD contract proofs iris type or cromalins and digital files for printing the Nantes Passion magazine, as well as providing files to the launch of the magazine (pdf browsable) on the website of the City of Nantes, and eventually the production of the magazine in a digital format version e- magazine.
The other award was for black-and-white art direction for "This Above All," starring Tyrone Power and Joan Fontaine.
The Goblet of Fire (November, 2005) weighed in with another token nomination for art direction only for The Order of the Phoenix (July, 2007) to be ignored.
Design and Art Direction is a charity running education programmes for college and university students.
Grant Major gets the nomination for art direction while set decoration goes to the duo of Dan Hennah and Alan Lee for this second installment of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.
He even collaborated with Mark Morris on the art direction for a reworked Nutcracker that gave up the nineteenth-century bourgeois German Christmas party for a '60s suburban American wife swap.
Doherty Joins Editing Team to Focus on Artist Recruitment, Content Art Direction, and Editing
This consultation is to choose a service provider with the task of organizing the fourth edition of the International Circus Festival, under the project management of the town of Mureaux for art direction and support for the organization resulting under the responsibility of the city, and another claimant to whom the city will lease the marquee.
for this tour's production design and art direction.
AWARDS: Genie Awards--Picture, Director, Screenplay, Foreign Actor (Farnsworth), Supporting Actress (Burroughs), Art Direction, Musical Score; Montreal World Film Festival--International Critics Prize, Out-of-Competition Best Canadian Film; London Critics Circle Film Awards--Actor (Farnsworth); Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA--Best Sound Editing; Western Writers of America--Best Movie Script; AV Trust--Masterwork
Meanwhile, Pantheon's latest publication, Mythology: The DC Comics Art of Alex Ross--a gorgeous coffee-table book filled with painted renditions of Superman, Wonder Woman, and their cohorts--features art direction, design, and text by Kidd.
I think there would have been a chance to work in a more meticulous way in terms of the wardrobe and art direction.
com) is a focus firm offering clients a diverse array of business solutions including tailored marketing, public relations, brand identity, internet presence, art direction, and complete printing services.
Contract notice: Art direction, layout and image editing the whole arte magazine (lot 1) and editing of the program part of arte magazine (lot 2)