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a genre of art and outdoor constructions made by untrained artists who do not recognize themselves as artists

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March 9 - ART BRUT March 16 - MAZARIN March 23 - THE BROKEN WEST March 30 - PORTASTATIC
For work of such rough technique and questionable origins, Art Brut needs surprisingly careful choreographing, with low light levels (less than 50 lux) and no overhead illumination.
Dubuffet characterized art brut and its value as those works created from ".
Managing to accommodate guest spots from both folk legend Roy Bailey and Jasper Future of NME darlings Art Brut, Low Culture plays on Moray's skill for picking bits of the past and present and re-imagining them for the future.
IN THE next in our series of Q& As with the best acts playing in Liverpool this Summer we have the fabulous Art Brut.
Art Brut, Good Shoes and some other really good bands, none of whom I can remember, are playing.
Ponce combines the politically schizophrenic life of Cuba in its coded guise with early modern artistic formulas that range from the Art Brut movement to Georg Grosz and Picasso," says Swiss art critic Hans Renggli.
The headliners are the glamrock side project of Art Brut main man Eddie Argus.
Don't expect to see Art Brut soaring high in the charts with this non-inspirational song.
Rumblings of other hot tickets like the Rakes, Art Brut, and the Ark surfaced after a day or so of show-hopping and comparing notes with the bleary-eyed in line at Las Manitas for breakfast each morning.
ART BRUT: Taking their name from the French-defined notion of "outsider" art, Art Brut is led by mustachioed frontman Eddie Argos, whose why-sing-when-talking-is-so much-less-strenuous vocals and overall blase persona probably wouldn't work if the group's songs weren't so pluperfectly smart/stupid.
The Art Brut movement was conceived by Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985), a French painter who began his research in Switzerland in 1945.
I'm even right at home with art brut, which is to say art created by the inmates of insane asylums, which is perhaps the culinary equivalent of haggis or headcheese.
Golub, perhaps the most famous among them, is represented by three works, all in his characteristic primitive style--derived in part from art brut.