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Synonyms for arson


Synonyms for arson

malicious burning to destroy property

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14) In such regressions the coefficient [beta] in Equation (1) will indicate the change in the total number of arsons associated with a decrease in local house prices during the previous 6 months as relative to metropolitan areas not experiencing any price decrease.
Ten others pleaded guilty in 2007 to conspiracy and arson and were sentenced to prison terms ranging from just over three years to 13 years.
In 2012, 15,656 law enforcement agencies provided 1-12 months of arson data and reported 52,766 arsons.
Inspector Jo Floyd said: "It's important to note the vast majority of these incidents are low-level grass fires and rubbish fires started by youths - they are not arsons with criminal intent to damage property or endanger life.
Fortune magazine reported on January 10, 2008 that the insurance-industry-funded Coalition Against Insurance Fraud had warned that "fraud fighters were watching closely for a spike in arsons by desperate homeowners who could no longer afford their home payments;" Dennis Schulkins, a claim consultant in State Farm's Special Investigative Unit asserted that "when the economy is down, we see an increase in fraud.
Its target, back in 2003, was to reduce the number of deliberate fires by ten per cent by 2010 but the team exceeded initial expectations by achieving a 73 per cent reduction in arsons.
The USFA says, "Poorer neighborhoods experienced 14 times the number of arsons as higher-income neighborhoods.
Merseyside Fire Service said that while numbers of arsons in the region were high, efforts to educate young people about the dangers of fire have caused figures to drop off in the past three years.
For well over 15 years, juveniles have contributed significantly to the number of arsons in the United States.
An assault on the scourge of arsons has been launched in County Durham.
Glazier's guilt as to these arsons, and it's certainly far from being beyond a reasonable doubt,'' Greenspan said outside court.
A report commissioned by the Arson Prevention Bureau said there were 31,516 arsons recorded by police in England and Wales in 1997 and 60,472 in 2000-01, a rise of 92%.
This includes visiting the scene of arsons and using investigative techniques to determine what methods were used to set the fire.
Although the issue has faded from national attention, a South Carolina-based organization is studiously keeping track of the number of houses of worship that continue to be ravaged by arson, firebombings or attempted arsons.
It was one of numerous missives to the press sent by the group's above-ground spokesperson, Craig Rosebraugh of Portland, Oregon, whose home has periodically been raided by federal authorities bent on solving arsons attributed to ELF.