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a pesticide or drug containing arsenic

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Effects of Methylated Arsenicals, Inorganic Arsenic, and Arsenobetaine on Atherosclerosis and Plaque Components in the [apoE.
Following the advent of toxic gases such as phosgene and chlorodiphenylarsine during First World War, researchers looking for even more effective agents began studying other arsenicals.
In the beginning, the Sherwin Williams Paint Company (SWPC) sold the organic arsenical line of insecticides including paris green, lead arsenate and others.
In conclusion, inorganic arsenicals and their methylation metabolites, [MMA.
The biological and economic assessment of pentachlorophenol, inorganic arsenicals, and creosote.
In 1978, the EPA began investigating the risk that inorganic arsenicals cause cancer, genetic mutation, and birth defects.
Transverse leukonychia lines are fairly uncommon but are seen in people who had arsenic toxicity from their environment or arsenicals that were used for therapeutic purposes.
The EPA is proceeding with a program to warn consumers about exposure to wood pressure-treated with chromated copper arsenicals (CCA), a preservative that contains arsenic.
Other drugs associated with cardiomyopathy include amphetamine sulfate, arsenicals, catecholamines, ephedrine sulfate, lithium carbonate, and mitomycin C.
He starts with Paul Ehrlich's antitreponemal arsenicals and ends with the antisense agents now in early clinical trials for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and cancer, covering in the process the development of antibacterial and antiviral agents, vaccines, antimetabolites, and hormone-based antineoplastic agents.
They were treated with as much mercury and arsenicals as the government doctors doing the first work in 1932 could get--the only limit on treatment was the availability of drugs.
EPA regulations prescribe recommended procedures for the safe application of creosote solutions, pentachlorophenol solutions, and inorganic arsenicals.
7 Epigenomic Actions of Environmental Arsenicals 129