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a white powdered poisonous trioxide of arsenic

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Massive variceal hemorrhage secondary to presinusoidal portal hypertension due to arsenic poisoning.
If the victim hadn't died from arsenic poisoning, the death might have been judged accidental.
The latest theory on the madness of George III is that it was made worse by arsenic poisoning.
Concepts of branding and style carry no weight with delegates from countries where poor women in rural areas spend hours every day collecting water, adversely affecting their productive potential and their health--or where children in areas lacking potable water suffer from water-related diseases like cholera, hepatitis, malaria, diarrhea and arsenic poisoning.
Death Sentence is about a serial killer Christian grandmother in rural North Carolina who murdered four people by arsenic poisoning.
In 1999, 38 people who suffered from arsenic poisoning, filed a suit against Hayashi seeking a total of 107.
who contracted arsenic poisoning allegedly from a load of contaminated mulch.
But after drinking from the hand pump over many years, my husband fell ill with arsenic poisoning.
He was diagnosed with an immune-system disorder and kidney dysfunction related to arsenic poisoning.
She has chosen cases that parallel each other in interesting ways, both involving the death of a young woman as well as evidence of arsenic poisoning.
The Royal Commission on arsenic in beer and food heard evidence from Dr Nathan Raw of Liverpool as to the medicinal aspect of a recent case of arsenic poisoning.
Stewart has written a terrifying book about one doctor, Michael Swango, who appears to have gotten away with as many as 35 murders of his patients at hospitals where he was employed after having been convicted of arsenic poisoning.
Arsenic poisoning from drinking water has become a crisis in the country, affecting as many as 70 million people by some estimates.
Many studies have been performed in humans after fatal arsenic poisoning (6-8).
25 -- A man who frequented the Hayashis' home found to have suffered from arsenic poisoning symptoms, Hayashis suspected of receiving insurance money from policy taken out on the man.