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a white powdered poisonous trioxide of arsenic

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The immediate symptoms of acute arsenic poisoning include vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea.
Arsenic poisoning can be diagnosed through samples of blood urine hair and fingernails.
Despite the finest barristers of the day Mrs Maybrick was convicted of murder by arsenic poisoning, obtained from fly paper; she was sentenced to death.
Arsenic poisoning from drinking water has been called the worst natural disaster in the history of mankind: an estimate of 137 million people are affected in 70 countries by arsenic poisoning.
Exposure to arsenic over a long period can result to chronic arsenic poisoning and associated health problems such as skin lesions, peripheral neuropathy, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer, EcoWaste warned.
Today, arsenic poisoning occurs through industrial exposure, from contaminated wine or moonshine, or because of malicious intent.
In trivalent arsenic poisoning the clinical effects depend on the chronicity of the exposure.
And though it has long been an effective means of treating patients suffering from mercury, lead or arsenic poisoning, it has also been touted as a treatment for cancer and heart disease, yet no conclusive studies have proven its effectiveness in treating those conditions.
Signs and symptoms of chronic arsenic poisoning may not occur until 2 to 8 weeks after exposure.
The fact that, on average, children are consuming about 25% of their daily allowable arsenic through juice (or "-ades" and fruit drinks) suggests that arsenic contamination in apple and apple-containing juices is exceeding allowable amounts for some children and in turn may be resulting in chronic arsenic poisoning for those children.
Chronic arsenic poisoning in drinking water in Inner Mongolia and its associated health effects.
Although the inquest's verdict was death by natural causes, newspapers exposed her tally of dead husbands, lost children and the tell-tale indicators of arsenic poisoning.
The effects of antimony poisoning are similar to arsenic poisoning.
What Jane had described in her letter sounded very much like the symptoms of arsenic poisoning, which causes a characteristic dark and light spotting of the skin when taken in small doses over a long period of time.
But Dr Barrowcliff, who performed the post-mortem, was convinced she had died of arsenic poisoning.