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a salt or ester of arsenic acid

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(1972) L'irhtemite, un nouvel arseniate hydrate de calcium et de magnesium.
(1964) Contribution a la mineralogie des arseniates calciques et calcomagnesiens naturels.
These articles, originating from about 1835 to 1845, include such topics as inorganic neutral oxysalts in general and phosphates, arseniates, phosphites and arensites in particular, the reaction and products of sulfurous acid and iron or zinc, nitric sulphate oxide and experimental demonstrations proving its non-existence, the nature of Aqua Regia, reciprocal actions of sulfurous and hyponitric acids, observations on the Theory of Peligot, the function of water, the formulation of hypoiodous acid, the existence of double salts in codeine and morphine, and the quantitative determination of chlorine and hydrochloric acid when the two gases occur together.
(1956) Contribution a la mineralogie des arseniates, phosphates et vanadates de cuivre.