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a salt or ester of arsenic acid

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However, the extensive use of lead arsenate in insect control has raised questions regarding the toxicity of these elements to plants and to animals feeding on sprayed or dusted plants.
The form in which Cu is leached from CCA wood is unknown, but Cu arsenates and some form of Cu--Cr--As complexes (Hingston et al.
The fast fixation rate for CCA-B is attributed to the low initial Cr content in the solution, relatively low pH, and the presence of a high arsenic content to react with and precipitate the reduced chromium as chromium arsenates.
Problems arise when chemical reactions change the arsenates into arsenites, which don't bind tightly to other minerals and can therefore enter the underground water supply.
Crystal structures of a number of pyrophosphates, carbonates, bisphosphonates, and highly hydrated phosphates and arsenates of calcium, magnesium and strontium were also investigated.
The $450,000 appropriation under the EPA will be used to advance MBI technologies that remove arsenates, cadmium and other heavy metals from the water supply.