cardiac arrhythmia

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Respiratory sinus arrythmia biofeedback therapy for asthma: a report of 20 unmedicated pediatric cases using the Smetankin method.
Franzen: Basically, it would be called a heart arrythmia.
Hypertrophy Congestive Heart Failure Currently or recently treated for congestive heart failure with signs such as pulmonary edema, rales, pleural effusion, or the need for digitalis and diuretics Major Acute Structural Defect Persistent Ventricular Arrythmia Persistent despite specific therapy Calcified Aorta At risk for thromboembolism Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Functionally disabled, Disease or require bronchodfiator therapy, or have a forced expiratory volume in one second less than 75% of the predicted value or less than 1.
Our clinical trial report, Arrythmia Global Clinical Trials Review, Q1, 2011" provides data on the Arrythmia clinical trial scenario.
4/1,000), and other events, including hospitalization for intravenous catheter site infections, abdominal pain, arrythmia, gallstones, kidney stones, and drug reactions (0.
However, Vanderbilt maintained that the violation of the standard of care was not the cause of the patient's permanent brain injury but that the patient suffered a catastrophic event such as seizure or a malignant heart arrythmia, caused by alcohol withdrawal.
They become part of the heart's muscle cells and can stop a sudden heart arrythmia from becoming fatal," says Harris.
History of myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular accident, transient ischemic attack, congestive heart failure, cardiac arrythmia, angina, or renal disease
They may develop an arrythmia and go out quickly before anybody can do anything, that's right.
The FDA has logged more than 1,400 reports of adverse effects from ephedra products, including strokes, heart arrythmia, insomnia and psychotic episodes.
James McClelland, a Eugene cardiologist who treats arrythmia.
The class of atrial-selective agents is a major area of development because adverse electrical effects on ventricles is the biggest toxicity of existing drugs for atrial arrythmia, said Dr.
It is an important tool for physicians because atrial fibrillation (AF), a common cardiac arrythmia, is often intermittent and therefore under diagnosed.
Among the clinical studies presented was the Atrial Dynamic Overdrive Pacing Trial (ADOPT) trial, which demonstrated overall reductions in atrial arrythmia burden for patients utilizing the AF Suppression(TM) pacing algorithm versus those who received conventional DDDR pacing alone.