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Synonyms for arrow

Synonyms for arrow

a mark to indicate a direction or relation


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a projectile with a straight thin shaft and an arrowhead on one end and stabilizing vanes on the other

References in classic literature ?
there he is," said Tom, clapping his hands, as the little black snout made its arrowy course to the opposite bank.
Arrowy completed the double for the Emirati handler when winning the Al Tal handicap under Royston Ffrench.
Gesturing toward a stand of arrowy pines on the far side of the meadow, she offered "seeum tree
Giantfiend of a hundred hands, with a shower of arrowy deathpangs he transpierced me, and then he became a wolf, and lay a-gnawing at my bones
Some words can take an identical letter at the front or end, for example HOY can be converted to AHOY or HOY A, ALAR to MALAR or ALARM and ARROW to YARROW or ARROWY.
Under his spurning feet the road like an arrowy Alpine river flowed, And the landscape sped away behind like an ocean flying before the wind; And the steed, like a barque fed with furnace ire, swept on with his wild eyes full of fire; But lo
The dolci acque inspired Petrarch at Vaucluse; Byron sang the 'blue and arrowy Rhone.
Her arrowy fragments thrust diagonally, vectors meeting and piercing each other.
The clips of Nureyev dancing, many of them never seen before, show us an arrowy young man with a tiny waist and an ardent intensity.