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the pointed head or striking tip of an arrow

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When King Agamemnon saw the blood flowing from the wound he was afraid, and so was brave Menelaus himself till he saw that the barbs of the arrow and the thread that bound the arrow-head to the shaft were still outside the wound.
This good-looking young Indian is scouting on the track of the Siouxes--you may see it by his arrow-heads, and his paint; ay, and by his eye, too; for a Red-skin lets his natur' follow the business he is on, be it for peace, or be it for war,--quiet, Hector, quiet.
Behind the pub was the big-windowed dealership for Reliant three-wheelers, where lightly-scented salesmen wore sharp suits with arrow-head hankies in the breast pockets.
Phil Godman at fly-half seemed twice the player he was during a dismal first season back at the club, the Scot dabbing his side into the corners and quietly providing for the host of willing runners converging around him like an arrow-head.
He said it is the most significant arrow-head in government s pursuit to stop gas flaring in the country, with the attendant environmental benefits.
Woinarowicz will join the Arrow-head in October, the NCUA said.
Luke Fielden and Ryan Shortland flying off their wings to create an arrow-head formation for Helleur's midfield burst was a most welcome sight for a side desperately short on tries last season, and the opening score was not long in coming, as Tim Swinson took an inside ball to smash his way over the try-line 15 minutes in.
From its arrow-head nose and fared in headlamps to its short, rounded tail, the styling is distinctive without resorting to retro styling cues.
TERRY VENABLES (1993-1996): With Alan Shearer as the arrow-head on the "Christmas Tree" and Teddy Sheringham deep, England passed their way to the brink of Euro 96 glory.