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Synonyms for arrow

Synonyms for arrow

a mark to indicate a direction or relation


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a projectile with a straight thin shaft and an arrowhead on one end and stabilizing vanes on the other

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This may lead to wrong interpretation of results, so this is avoided in the polygonal illustrations by using arrows, arrow heads and/or considering only one type of writing combination.
All four eyes with dorsal and ventral entropion managed surgically by Hotz-Celsus technique and two eyes with lateral entropion by arrow head resection technique showed uneventful recovery.
Dave Parkin pictured in April 2006 with a flint arrow head he found
Caption: Figure 2: Contrast enhanced axial CT (a) with coronal (b) and sagittal (c) CT reconstructions of the chest demonstrating a well circumscribed, heterogeneously enhancing mass (green arrows) with areas of fat attenuation (blue arrow pointing to ROI in (a)) and a few mildly prominent internal vessels (red arrow heads in (b)) within the superior, posterior right mediastinum.
A six-year-old schoolboy was the first to spot what turned out to be a Neolithic arrow head, dating back to 3,600BC, at an archeological dig site in Caerau on the outskirts of Cardiff.
A six-year-old schoolboy was the rst to spot what turned out to be a Neolithic arrow head, dating back to 3,600BC, at an archeological dig site in Caerau on the outskirts of Cardi[euro].
We find Birmingham's best five destinations to give you a taste of the great outdoors this new year LICKEY HILLS SITTING at the end of south Birmingham's Rea Valley Trail, the Lickey Hills Country Park is one of the oldest in the city (an arrow head from a Neolithic hunter at Lickey Hills can even be seen in Birmingham Museum).
If a controller has vectored me onto or across an approach, but not instructed me to intercept, I know it is time to give him a call when that little blue arrow head just crosses the approach line.
It is hoped 3D imaging will show whether it's an arrow head or not.
Results from previous X-rays revealed an unidentified metal object lodged in the back of the mummy's neck, which some archaeologists believe may be an arrow head - meaning he could have been murdered.
With power bulges in the bonnet, an air diffuser at the rear and arrow head repeater lamps in the door mirrors, the SL looks mean and sophisticated.
He was a graduate of Kent High School, and was a WW11 Army Veteran serving in the European Theatre, and received the American Defense Medal and campaign Ribbon with Bronze Arrow Head.
The hook, point or arrow head can be quickly changed when powder levels build up or when a colour change is required.
The long leaves - shaped like an arrow head - reach up to 2ft long and are held clear of the ground by 3ft long stems.