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Swedish chemist and physicist noted for his theory of chemical dissociation (1859-1927)

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It can be seen that the temperature dependence of total electrical conductivity obeys the Arrhenius law very well and the total electrical conductivity increases as increasing the temperature.
With respect to Arrhenius plots, defining the key mechanical properties needed to assess in conjunction with thermal aging is a critical first step.
Where k is the rate constant, A is the Arrhenius constant, Ea is the activation energy and R is the universal gas constant.
But I digress; Arrhenius also gave his name to the Arrhenius equation that describes the relationship between the rate of a chemical reaction and the absolute temperature at which it occurs.
According to the Arrhenius equation, the plots of ln [sigma] against (1 IT) should be linear in nature.
Conductivity increases significantly more at high temperature, and the Arrhenius plot of the data is nonlinear.
Extra research work is required in this field to confirm the dependence of DC conductivity on dielectric constant, thus reformulating the Arrhenius equation.
Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius is credited with being the first to publish a theory on how human-induced changes in the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere could have an impact on global temperature.
Investigations of Arrhenius parameters for the hydrolysis of bis-p-MPPE are shown in Table 2.
Table-2: The regression results for the parametric cumulative effect on Arrhenius parameters
In this study, our objective was to perform a thermodynamic analysis to determine the efficiency of alginate, carrageenin, and a new polymer (HPMC) to maintain the viability of C26, select the best polymer in basis on the Arrhenius equation and its activation energy, and predict the viability of C26 cells in each polymer throughout the time using the Arrhenius plot.
Muitos pesquisadores tem verificado que a dependencia do coeficiente efetivo de difusao com a temperatura pode ser expressa por meio da representacao de Arrhenius (Lucas et al.
2]~1) with the increasing of temperature which implies that SBE system follow Arrhenius behavior.
In order to define the association between apparent viscosity and temperature, Arrhenius model (equation.
El objetivo de este trabajo es estudiar la cinetica de degradacion termica (triplete cinetico) del PMMA tanto virgen como reprocesado a traves de 5 ciclos consecutivos de procesamiento en extrusion, empleando datos del analisis termogravimetrico y utilizando los metodos de Flynn-Wall-Ozawa, Friedman, Gyulai- Greenhow, Kissinger-Akahira-Sunose y Kissinger, como modelos isoconversionales, y los metodos Diferencial e Integral de Arrhenius, Briodo, Chang, Coats-Redfern, Flynn-Wall, Horowitz-Metzger, MacCallum-Tanner, Madhusudanan y el metodo Dinamico, como modelos no isoconversionales.