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Swedish chemist and physicist noted for his theory of chemical dissociation (1859-1927)

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A log-plot of reaction rates (K) or degradation times versus l/T (or 1000/T) is commonly referred to as an Arrhenius plot, and is used to demonstrate the validity of the model over a selected temperature range.
Furthermore, the aging rate/temperature behavior proved to be more complex than can be described by a simple Arrhenius treatment.
A very weak [delta] relaxation, that demonstrated an Arrhenius behavior, appeared at the lowest temperature and the highest frequency range in the second scan of the measurements.
The Arrhenius equation is, incidentally, sometimes used to show that the temperature coefficient approach is inaccurate.
o] is the Vogel temperature at which segmental mobility is zero, and D is the fragility parameter accounts for the departure from the Arrhenius behavior.
An Arrhenius analogue for the effect of concentration and pressure on the viscosity (27) was used to evaluate the ability to predict the shift factors obtained using the least squares method.
For an Arrhenius type of kinetic equation, the primary objective is to experimentally determine the "kinetic triplet", i.
s], which would normally be a requirement for the applicability of the Arrhenius equation when it is based on a rate rather than on a rate constant.
I was really nervous, and it took me awhile to calm down," Arrhenius said.
To study the stability at -80[degrees]C, we used an accelerated stability testing protocol based on the principle of the Arrhenius equation (8), which describes a linear relationship between the logarithm of the reaction rate constant (e.
Sara Arrhenius is a writer and director of IASPIS (International Artists' Studio Program in Sweden), Stockholm, Translated from Swedish by Brian Manning Delaney.
Since 1968 Carl Nyren has moved from the pure rationalism of precast concrete and an exposed structural skeleton for the Arrhenius Laboratories at Frescati University to more subtle and colourful buildings, like the Jonkoping Museum in 1991, with colour-washed fair faced concrete walls, pine ceilings and floors, in an extension of a '50s building.
The discovery reported today was by a group headed by Gustaf Arrhenius of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at San Diego.
1) [7], The slip speed is a function of wall shear stress and melt temperature, where a master curve of slip speed versus shear stress can be developed using Arrhenius shift factors.
Contract notice: Interior to the arrhenius laboratories, npq-houses, stockholm university.