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caerulea Cattle grazing Lippitts Hill Agrostis capillaris No management on hill, horse grazed in part Woodredon Farm Lane Arrhenatherum elatius Mowing Honey Lane Plain A.
Controlling invasive Arrhenatherum elatius and promoting native prairie grasses through mowing.
Several reports hint at the close genetic relationship between Arrhenatherum and Arena.
Dominant plant species in the successional field at the time of sampling, expressed as percentage of total live biomass, were Arrhenatherum elatius (L.
70 Permanent set-aside 2 Phleum pratense 73 2-m grass field margin Dactylis glomerata G5 Hay meadow Arrhenatherum elatius 80 Table 4.
habitat type 4, dense, tall grassland, consisting mainly of the grass species Arrhenatherum elatius (L.
Pseudarrhenatherum longifolium (Thore) Rouy (Henriques 1903: Arrhenatherum thorei Desm.
Dominant plants included the grasses Bromus inermis, Poa pratensis, Arrhenatherum elatius, and Phleum pratense and the forbs Galium mollugo, Solanum carolinense, Glecoma hederacea, Oxalis repens, Potentilla spp.