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notices were issued to the defaulters to pay the outstanding arrear bills but
It is clarified that notices were issued to the defaulters to pay the outstanding arrear bills but they fail to deposit it and Pesco teams disconnected power supply to these defaulters and warned to deposit their outstanding dues immediately otherwise power supply will not be restored.
Finance Minister Michael Noonan invited the vultures to Ireland using the tens of thousands of families who found themselves in mortgage arrear as bait.
The wage was applicable from July 1, 2016 but the Chinese company had started paying the new wage to the workers from February 2017 and the employees demanded that the arrear of the seven months.
where i indicates individual customer; t indicates time period; kWh is the average daily energy consumption; M-Power is a dummy variable that is equal to one if customer i is on M-Power program at time t; Arrear is the amount of money a customer owed to the utility company prior to the start of the treatment period, which can serve as a proxy for customer wealth level with higher amount of arrearage indicating lower level of wealth; Usage_stratum is a series of dummy variables indicating the pretest energy consumption categories (5) (S1: summer monthly kWh < 400: S2: 400 [less than or equal to] summer monthly kWh < 850: S3: 850 [less than or equal to] summer monthly kWh < 1,300: S4: 1.
There is an arrear of nearly three crore cases waiting to be decided by the judiciary all over the country whereas the functioning of most of the courts remains severely affected by the shortage of judges.
However, his stern warning was countered by the sanitation workers who threatened to go on an indefinite strike from Tuesday, demanding regularisation and payment of arrear salary.
Despues, comenta: "Lo mejor que te puedes encontrar en una casa es dinero en efectivo, luego hay que arrear con las alhajas y los electronicos; lo demas son baratijas.
Porque no abandera nacionalismo de ningun tipo; porque, para el, nacionalismo conlleva rendirse a una diosa arcaica que transforma individuos independientes en seres identicos adheridos a tribus: "Toda tribu se caracteriza por oponerse y arrear a las otras tribus y, segundo, porque la logica de la tribu hace que el miembro ejemplar sea el que esta fundido con el grupo: sin espacio singular, sin autonomia, sin separacion .
Summary: The Albanian government's fiscal consolidation and arrear repayment measures
Besides it, in this two day annual conference, the Heads of different wings of direct taxes in the country will discuss the strategies for revenue collection, revenue audit, transfer pricing issues in business restructuring involving multinational corporations, international taxation including taxation of composite contracts and arrear management among others.
But East Ayrshire Council have now sent her a letter of up to PS up arrear saying she is not liable for the PS785 total arrears run up after the tax robbed her of PS33 per fortnight.
Egypt's media outlets owe EGP 10bn in arrear back taxes
The bonds will be issued on or around June 5 at par and will carry a coupon of one per annum payable semi-annually in arrear commencing on September 12.
The profit rate per year is payable semi-annually in arrear until the first call date in 2019, said the bankers, asking not to be identified because the matter is private.