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an obsolete firearm with a long barrel

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In the letter Magnus urged them to set out shortly, considering the importance of the matter at hand for the Danish Crown and the Holy Roman Emperor, and to persuade King Frederick II to recruit two thousand arquebusiers along with experienced officers for the Tsar.
My friend Christian Bories of Les Arquebusiers des France even sent me a casing made from a 12-gauge paper shotshell he has fired in his Tabatiere, and it simply would not chamber in mine--again giving credence to my theory concerning the variance in chamber dimensions between guns.
Arquebusiers from Vise, Belgium, founded in 1 579, still parade with a statue of their patron St.
The Black Bands specialized in skirmish and assault tactics, and as such were perfectly suited for offensive operations, even though at least one of their employers, the Florentine Republic, would have been more comfortable with a defensive army (one record of 1527 indicates that of the 3,800 mercenaries being paid out of the Florentine treasury, 2,150 of them were arquebusiers, only 304 of them pikemen and other foot soldiers, along with more than 800 garzoni, or servants; these numbers suited an offensive army, while the republic's agents would have preferred a mix of two-thirds pikemen and one-third shooters, a "more orthodox ratio" for defense, not to mention fewer servants on the payroll).
Recognizing, unlike Conde, "that he had not strength enough to keep the field" against the enemy forces in Guyenne, Navarre rode with 2,000 arquebusiers a cheval (i.
When occasion required, Magnus was to hire German arquebusiers for the Tsar's army--at the Tsar's expense.
Manuel de Lima, wrote the following year to the Goa headquarters, referring to the army of the 'Great Turk' and the 'Turks' who took Basra: 'There are a thousand Turkish horsemen and seven hundred arquebusiers, all of which makes two thousand and two hundred mounted Turks'.