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a chord whose notes are played in rapid succession rather than simultaneously

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A literal transposition to C major takes this unison arpeggiation in the treble voices well outside the range of a church choir singer.
5 are not strictly accurate if the technique of arpeggiation is accepted: there are many examples in the works of such violinist-composers as Leclair and Veracini of similarly `unplayable' chords.
With the exception of the rising triplet figure which doubles the vocal line at the second statement of "Fare you well and adieu" (at bar 7 of the 1912 arrangement, for example), the strings have remained pizzicato until the final line of the verse ("And I hope in a short time to see you again") where they continue to play arco in a more elaborate arpeggiation of the harmony to accompany the chorus than is given in the earlier arrangements.
The smooth arpeggiation under long sustained vocal lines reflects the poet's description of the lovely dancer, while the jazzy interludes evoke the dance.
Also noticeable is a significant degree of arpeggiation of various chords.
182) to the composer's intent; asynchronization, arpeggiation, pedaling; producing a singing tone; and the now little-used concept of preluding as well as more general improvising.
This forms two interlocking symmetries whose regularity is masked by arpeggiation.
Herrscht blind das Schicksal', sung against tremolando strings, is answered by an emphatic, full tutti arpeggiation, ff, of an E[flat] chord.
As the pace of emotion builds in the poem, the music changes, first to arpeggiation under "and which i will/ again and again and again/ kiss," and then with reckless abandon to a repeated triplet pattern that pushes forward throughout the song until the last lines.
While this is obviously a melodic characteristic of these modes, the 'neighbor' terminology runs against contrapuntal intuition (whether in a modal or a tonal context); the figure is more of a 'shuttle' between steps [Musical Expression Omitted] and [Musical Expression Omitted], something which can hardly be explained either as an arpeggiation or as an upper neighbour.
Variations 4 and 5 contain arpeggiation and compound melody between what must be right and left hands at the keyboard (ex.
The pianist, too, has plenty to do with ornaments, inner voice trills, chromatic chord passages, arpeggiation, tremolo, and many accidentals.
The lower register of the cello is used only as part of a chord or arpeggiation.
For example, although Definition IV in Rahn's theory defines the conditions for pitch adjacency in the tonal system, it also allows series other than major, minor, and chromatic scales to become the basis for the definition of neighbor note, neighbor-note prolongation, arpeggiation, and arp-prolongation.
23 the c[double prime] has become part of a beamed arpeggiation, e[flat][prime]-g[prime]-c[double prime] and the bass A[flat] is elevated to the status of a beamed white-note progression.