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a chord whose notes are played in rapid succession rather than simultaneously

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Through the acquisition, Gene by Gene will assume the entire Arpeggi team and technology platform.
Scales and arpeggi are so often used because they are the building blocks of Western classical music.
25, zeigen darin, welche nicht einfach horbaren Prozesse hier ablaufen: Glissandi, Arpeggi, blitzartig gezackte melodische Muster und ein Finale aus 1028 Anschlagen innerhalb von 12 Sekunden bei gehaltenem Pedal.
Songs from current album In Rainbows featured heavily, with an excellent version of Weird Fishes/ Arpeggi and Jigsaw Falling In Place.
Among them are Open Pick, All I Need, Down Is The New Up, Arpeggi and Bangers N' Mash.
With its sweeping scale passages, cross-hand chord inversions and arpeggi, you can almost see the storm clouds more over the seas before a multi-octave, dominant seventh arpeggi brings back the sun and the recapitulation.