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Alsatian artist and poet who was cofounder of dadaism in Zurich

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In 1983 Arp joined the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Munich, and lived in that city for the rest of his life.
The Arp 142 pair is close enough together to interact violently, exchanging matter and causing havoc.
Frank Ferguson, chief financial officer, and Vik Naidu, chief marketing officer of Al Rostamani Group, gave away the prizes in the presence of Neil Roberts, CEO, Emirates Recycling, and Paul Schneider, general manager of ARP.
In Arp 220, we see far more supernovae than in our galaxy.
ARP was founded in 1924 following German Zeppelin raids over Britain in the First World War.
The Law Society has launched a safety net scheme that has gone some way to addressing the issue for firms who can't obtain cover or want to get out of the ARP.
Recommendation: To improve the reliability of cost estimates of the ARP projects, the Secretary of Transportation should direct the SLSDC Administrator to develop a cost-estimating process that follows best practices to better ensure that its estimates are comprehensive, well documented, accurate, and credible.
ARP technology is also able to minimize the release of nutrients to the surrounding waters and prevent "fugitive emissions of greenhouse gases" while also consuming less power than alternative processes, the company said.
Known as a physical/chemical process, ARP establishes a new standard for cost-effective, energy efficient and extremely reliable treatment of ammonia stemming from wastewater treatment plants.
Around 1916 Arp began to make his concrete reliefs out of shaped layers of wood, thereby abolishing the distinction between painting and sculpture.
Arp sets about investigating the Sanskrit textual sources to which reference was made, and documents in Sanskrit, Bengali, and English in which opinions were expressed and campaigns launched.
95--In this book, Kristana Arp seeks to establish a new understanding of the ethical thought of Simone de Beauvoir.
From what they've seen, researchers estimate that in this pair of merging galaxies, dubbed Arp 299, a star dies in a supernova explosion every 2 years.
Oil and gas assets naturally decline in future periods and, as such, ARP recognizes the estimated capitalized cost of stemming such decline in production margin for the purpose of stabilizing its Distributable Cash Flow and cash distributions, which it refers to as maintenance capital expenditures.
Using a patented design, ARP not only removes ammonia from wastewater streams but also converts it into ammonium sulfate, a commercial-grade fertilizer used by agriculture around the world.