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Synonyms for Osteoglossidae

a family of large fishes that live in freshwater

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O'Toole to knowingly importing Asian Arowanas, an endangered fish commonly known as the "dragon fish" or "boney tongue", which is native to Thailand and Southeast Asia.
Although there are rules against such activities as taking timber and fishing for the endangered arowana fish, locals could not make a legitimate living without fishing for other species, harvesting honey and wax, and collecting rattan to make fishing and other implements.
The latter include the Asian Arowana, and a number of cyprinids, such as the Sultan Fish, Freshwater Dorab (belantau, Macrochirichthys macrochirus), and tern unit Labeo chrysophekadion.
At an earlier plea hearing, the prosecutor told the Court that, had the case proceeded to trial, the Government's evidence would have proven that the Asian Arowana is listed as an endangered species and that the importation of the fish into the United States is prohibited without an importation permit.
One interesting example was the valuable Arowana fish, which was extensively sought during the 1980s, actually until it almost disappeared.
Breeding technique of Malaysian golden arowana, Scleropages formosus in concrete tanks.
The different colour varieties of the Asian arowana Scleropages formosus (Osteoglossidae) are distinct species: morphologic and genetic evidences.
Cathy Gannon picked up a oneday ban for careless riding on Arowana in the claimer and is sidelined on December 26, but she bounced back from that disappointment to ride a cracking race on Khajaaly in the 7f handicap.
Visitors can see the superb Amazon Flooded Forest tank which is home to some striking species including turtles, Silver Arowana, Ripsaw Catfish, Motoro Stingray, Tiger Shovelnose Catfish and Pacu.
Exotic water creatures like the Jelly Fish, Arowana, Asian Arowana, Alligator Gar, Black Ghost, Sting Ray, African Cichids, Doctor fish, Clown, Damsel, Angels, Shrimps, Invertebrates, Lionfish and the Stingray are also available.
Customs agents nabbed the 31-year-old at Los Angeles International Airport, where he was carrying plastic bags filled with fish of the endangered arowana species.
AT THE first sign of danger--human hands invading a fish tank, for example--baby Asian arowana (Scleropages formosus) dart into their dad's mouth for safety.
The koi virus outbreak is a new worry for the Singaporean koi industry, which has already been hurt by weaker demand due to Singapore's ailing economy and the recent craze over other varieties of ornamental fish, such as the ''flowerhead'' or ''luohan'' over the past two years and now, the arowana.
A flight attendant arriving in Australia from Vietnam has been found to be carrying 16 highly endangered Asian Arowana fish in his baggage.
Rapid isolation of DNA from the mucus of Asian arowana (Scleropages formosus, Osteoglossidae).