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United States professional baseball player who hit more home runs than Babe Ruth (born in 1934)

(Old Testament) elder brother of Moses and first high priest of the Israelites

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And now thousands of people on Reddit have agreed to send Aron Christmas cards from as far away as America, the Middle East and New Zealand.
The staff replace the manager come over to apology or Aron The Birmingham Mail told earlier this week how Maria Savvas found a dead fly in her meal at another Handmade Burger outlet in the Bullring.
THE STORY: "My mother and father named me Aron," narrates a poor Polish boy, "but my father said they should have named me What Have You Done, and my uncle told everyone they should have called me What Were You Thinking" When the constantly disparaged Aron Rozycki and his family leave a rural Polish shtetl for Warsaw to find work, they find a hell far worse: the Germans invade Poland and turn the neighborhood into a ghetto, and the already-impoverished area becomes even more miserable.
Aron worked as an English teacher in north Sudan town of Ed-Damer 32 years ago before joining the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) in 1984.
However, when the group split, a disillusioned Aron decided to shun the spotlight and say "adios" to the hustle and bustle of the music scene.
Bellach, mae Aron yn byw bywyd diddorol a gwahanol iawn mewn ogof yn ninas Granada, Sbaen.
2 (Millwall) Championship youngest: 24 (Blackpool) Championship average: 25 APPEARANCES 1: Aron Gunnarsson 45 2: Peter Whittingham 43 3: Sean Morrison 41 MINUTES 1: Peter Whittingham 3845 2: Sean Morrison 3690 3: Aron Gunnarsson 3610 MOST APPEARANCES FROM BENCH 1: Joe Ralls 13 2: Kadeem Harris 11 3: Kenwyne Jones, Tom Adeyemi 9 MOST TIMES SUBBED OFF 1: Aron Gunnarsson 13 2: Kenwyne Jones 12 3: Adam Le Fondre 11 DISCIPLINE ARON Gunnarsson's presence in the midfield battle is evident, with the 26-year collecting the most bookings, committing the most fouls and also taking the most kicks.
Aron Ash reflects, with its elegant design, skillful craftsmanship and high-tech expertise, a truly new ingenious spirit with a mission to combine outstanding esthetic perfection with unobtrusive functionality.
Osama Hamdan, a Hamas leader and spokesman, last week announced Israeli soldier Shaul Aron had been captured: "Al Qassam declared all the information about the military operations.
In an interview with the Economist, Aron sounded optimistic about the immediate future of Okahandja, alluding to the construction of the brewing plant and military college.
Aron and colleagues at the University of California, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and Monmouth University found that Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) of brains provide physical evidence that the "highly sensitive" brain responds powerfully to emotional images.
Kick-boxing champion Aron Williams, who starred in the first series of the show, said he signed up after seeing adverts that promised a dream career.
Throughout the twentieth century, Aron continued to paint, being a young prodigy who has painted official portraits, the author and the topic of the writing discuss his story in depth.
ARON Parry took a break from the football pitch to win first prize in cerdd dant at the Urdd Eisteddfod.
CO STOMPE joined the darts maul of fame after being bitten by Dutch football hero Aron Winter's dog.