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a hydrocarbon that contains one or more benzene rings that are characteristic of the benzene series of organic compounds

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While aromatic rings are commonplace in molecules seen here on Earth (they are found in everything from food to medicine), this is the first such ring molecule ever seen in space with radio astronomy.
Polyphenols share a common structural component: a phenol or an aromatic ring, usually two, with at least one hydroxyl, methyl, or acetyl group linked via a three-carbon bond to form a six-unit heterocyclic ring.
a] for the cleavage of the C-C bond at position [alpha] in the carbon chains branched to the aromatic ring is 460.
The group at 1,435 cm"1 corresponds to vibrations in the aromatic ring, which first increased and then decreased with higher temperatures and longer treatment times.
Transition-metal-mediated aromatic ring construction.
isopropyl) creating divergence in the positioning of the second aromatic ring (Figure 3B).
Known as a phenyl ring or more generally as an aromatic ring, this element provides stiffness to the polymer chain.
PAH, as a group of fused aromatic ring compounds, form during incomplete combustion of fossil fuels and garbage.
These undergo dehydrogenation and combine chemically to form aromatic ring structure, which are resistant to thermal degradations.
17ppm for gem dimethyl protons and for aromatic ring proton of bisphenol-A respectively.
This marks the first time chemists have replaced a triflate attached to an aromatic ring with a fluorine atom in one catalytic reaction.
Bisphenol-A epoxy diacrylate has a higher refractive index than the single-ring monomer does because the former contains two aromatic rings versus only one aromatic ring in the monomer.
The observed wave number 1610 cm-1 corresponds to the aromatic ring vibration; 1451 [cm.
1]), the C=C stretching vibration in aromatic ring of lignin (1450, 1505 [cm.
Although it has no aromatic ring, "this does not mean lamotrigine does not carry its own risks," Dr.