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We believe that the specific mechanisms that are associated with intercropping with aromatic plants require additional in depth research on such aspects as the composition of volatile aromatic oils that possess a repellent effect, and the choice of aromatic plant species that are used for intercropping orchard environments.
Aromatic plant fragments in the nests were identified through morphological features or scent.
Chapter 1 introduces the characteristics of medicinal and aromatic plants, and discusses environmental concerns and other issues surrounding the mechanisation of these crops.
Secataro is not the only member of the Elders' Circle who issued reprimands to the medicinal and aromatic plant industry.
Aromatic plants include a broad range of species that are used for their aroma characteristics as flavoring in foods and beverages and as fragrances in pharmaceutical and industrial products.
Economics of Ecologically Sound Supply and the Marketing of the Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Materials
Sheppard also cited the use of peanut oil in Clarins' Extra Comfort Toning Lotion and its Aromatic Plant Purifying Mask.
Summary: JEDDAH: Customs officers in the northern border city of Hudaitha have seized a large quantity of drugs which the traffickers tried to smuggle into the Kingdom by hiding them in bags of coffee and zaatar (thyme), a low-growing aromatic plant of the mint family, said Ibrahim Al-Anazi, acting director general of the Customs Department, on Sunday.
2 aromatic plant in August, Formosa Petrochemical Corp.
Global climate change could ultimately lead to losses of key medicinal and aromatic plant species, according to researchers and conservationists whose findings are reported in HerbalGram, the quarterly journal of the American Botanical Council (ABC).
Clarins Aromatic Plant Day Cream: Fantastic if you only need a light moisturiser.
Sohar: Oman Refineries and Petrochemical Industries Company (Orpic) has announced a new record production of para-xylene and benzene by the company's aromatic plant in Sohar.
One of the most unexpected findings we got was that female blue tits display individual preferences in their use of aromatic plant species," she says.
Duke (The Green Pharmacy) introduces this encyclopedia covering some 300 aromatic plant species studied for their medicinal properties, as well as their culinary uses.
They were also taken on a tour of the plant, as part of which they visited the Carbon Dioxide Recovery plant, the Princess Sabeeka Aromatic Plants Garden, the Charity Fish Farm, the Bird Sanctuary and the Olive Garden.