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Wormwood--a beautiful, strongly aromatic herb, it's supposed to repel moths.
Likewise, ancient Japanese nobility once attached bouquets of mint to their kimonos, breathing the aromatic herb was believed to invigorate the body.
In her fields not only were there tastings of ice cream and chocolate both subtly infused with this aromatic herb, but on the most beautiful English summer's day lavender oil body massages were being given to visitors in the middle of the field beneath soft blue parasols.
SNIFF ROSEMARY According research, catching a whiff of this aromatic herb may increase alertness and improve memory.
uk/rules ACROSS DOWN 1 Sensitivity, discretion (4) 4 Forceful request (6) 9 Canadian province (7) 11 Head of a country (5) 12 Sharp bend (4) 13 Abandoned, cut off (8) 15 Settle a debt (3,2) 16 Tag (5) 21 Take back (8) 23 Period of calm (4) 25 Nationality of Wimbledon Champion Roger Federer (5) 26 Sight-seer (7) 27 Wooden punishment frame (6) 28 Quick or furtive look (4) 2 Aerial (7) 3 Sour-tasting (4) 5 Aromatic herb used in seasoning (8) 6 Man-made fibre (5) 7 Hosiery (5) 8 Wear away (5) 10 US state and river (4) 14 Dead end (3-2-3) 17 Scholarly, learned (7) 18 Rotate, screw (5) 19 Stretched tight (4) 20 Select few (5) 22 Contaminate (5) 24 Fluid-propelling device (4) CROSSWORD SOLUTION Name.
5) 46 Most extensive (7) 49 Angus resort (8) 50 Church singers (5) 55 Kuwaiti prince (4) 57 Optician's equipment (3,5) 60 Imagine (11) 61 Request (4) 62 Childish exclamation (4-1-5) 63 Frenzied (7) 64 Instructions (10) 68 Quasimodo's love (9) 70 Friendly (5) 72 Coming (unpleasantly) close (7) 73 The very best (5,2,2,5) 75 Grind the teeth (5) 76 Regardless (6) 77 Odds (7) 79 Officially (8) 83 Hinder progress (6) 85 Indifference (6) 92 Out of line (6) 94 Like-minded (9) 97 Aromatic herb (7) 98 Backwards and forwards (2,3,3) 101 Hug (7) 103 Prisoner (7) 105 Production (6) 106 Vast in number (6) 107 American dwelling (5) 109 Soup spoon (5) 110 Cunning, deceit (5) 112 Rubbish (5) 113 Electricity?
Aromatic herb and tea infusions also are a focus, as will be the use of natural vegetable juices, demonstrated by a delicious cocktail featuring vibrant carrot juice prepared during the event.
When you're sending out Christmas cards this year, why not include a pressed dried sprig or two of your favorite aromatic herb.
The beautiful aromatic herb garden, from which many of the therapeutic ingredients in the spa's treatments are sourced, is a perfect outdoor haven to relax between exercise and treatments.
Of its many therapeutic benefits, the inhalation of this fresh, aromatic herb is commonly used to help relieve sinus and respiratory congestion.
Because, in my opinion, the whole aromatic herb oil is likely to work better.
PLANT up this delicious aromatic herb now in a sunny spot, forking in some grit if you have a clay soil, because it needs good drainage, and it should produce small, delicate light blue flowers in early summer.
THIS delicious aromatic herb is a must for dishes such as roast lamb, when its needle-like leaves are chopped up to coat the meat and a sprig left here and there as garnish.
If balsam is not available, you could use cedar chips or an aromatic herb, such as lavender.
The rock and water gardens are set in a sheltered valley containing dward conifers and a wide selection of primulas and the fantistically aromatic herb garden is bordered by the famous laburnam arch that positively glows with vibrant yellow colour in late May and early June.