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a hydrocarbon containing one or more benzene rings that are characteristic of the benzene series of compounds

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Pramanik, Facile Acid-Catalyzed Condensation of Ninhydrin with Enols and Aromatic Compounds and Microwave Enhanced Condensation of Ninhydrin with Hydroxy Aromatic Systems in Solid State, Indian J.
Anaerobic bacterial strain, C1Fd, was isolated from a consortium developed of bovine rumen that metabolized aromatic compounds such as phenol, catechol, 4-amino benzene, and p-phenylenediamine, under sulfate reducing conditions (Morlett et al.
This unique profile modulates the temperatures that affect the formation, development and degradation of various aromatic compounds in the oak.
Previously, a few species of bacteria capable of degrading dye-related aromatic compounds were reported (Khalid et al.
The identified aromatic compounds in the oils produced in the Curie-point pyrolysis experiments are listed in Table 4.
Scientists from the US Environmental Protection Agency and universities and companies in Germany, Australia, and Hungary address developments in PRBs; choosing design and construction technologies for them; predictive modeling to assist in design; and applications, including the impact of trace elements and impurities in technical zero-valent iron brands on reductive dechlorination of chlorinated ethenes in groundwater, the assessment of a PRB for the treatment of hexavalent chromium and trichloroethylene, the pretreatment of nitrate and remediation of trichloroethene, the treatment of heavy metals, arsenic, and acidity, radionuclides, reactive gas barrier and zone technologies, and the remediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, NSO-heterocycles, and related aromatic compounds.
The SP-D Gold from OEM provides lab personnel with a fully automated option for preparing difficult sample matrices, such as crude oil, polymers and aromatic compounds.
Yeast that made the aromatic compounds were transported around the plate four times as often as the scentless mutants were.
Due to the Rxi[R]-35Sil MS column's selectivity for aromatic compounds, CBC and CBD were completely separated and could be accurately integrated and reported individually.
Kaneka and RIKEN's Numata tried to synthesize PHA through biosynthesis by many microorganisms with a sole carbon source of aromatic compounds that make up lignin or similar aromatic compounds.
Among the topics are the accessibility of gases and liquids in carbons, characterizing advanced physical adsorption by nanoporous carbons, hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity in carbons, adsorption by phosphorous-containing carbons, unique characteristics and applications of zeolite-tempered carbon, adsorption by soft-templated carbons, adsorption behaviors of graphene and graphene-related materials, the catalytic removal of water-solved aromatic compounds by carbon-based materials, carbon-based catalyst support in fuel cell applications, and novel carbon materials for adsorbing carbon dioxide.
The molecules appear to be aromatic compounds called quinones, which are found in modern crinoids and other animals.
Cumin contains volatile aromatic compounds that are excreted in sweat, especially when consumed in large quantities.
There have been concerns about polycyclic aromatic compounds (PAC)--some of which are carcinogenic--in the Athabasca River system for some time.
Naphtha, a product of oil refining, is processed into either unsaturated hydrocarbon compounds called olefins or aromatic compounds.