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the therapeutic use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils in baths or massage

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Caldrea brings the legend of relaxing lavender to the laundry room, continuing the practice of aromatherapeutic homekeeping products.
Made of imported Finnish wood, with expansive glass windows, American Leisure's Aqua Grotto adds aromatherapeutic benefits to enhance the sauna experience.
The wipes, specially formulated for the nursery, create an aromatherapeutic atmosphere with essential oils derived from geranium, orange, jasmine, coriander, rose and bergamot.
Essential Oils (tea tree oil and lavender oil) are added for their aromatherapeutic and skin conditioning properties.
viridis) lavender, have a somewhat pronounced camphoric quality, making them better suited for cosmetic and aromatherapeutic purposes.
The Oasia Esprit de Provence TeaFusion Bath Spa Pouch is filled with whole green tea leaves, Provencal herbs, verbena and lavender, among other skin friendly ingredients, which provide sound skin health properties as well as aromatherapeutic benefits.
50 (01923 240 010), contains aromatherapeutic essences of lavender to help you get a restful night's sleep.
True luxury cleansers, they're packed with aromatherapeutic fragrance with creamy textures and leave skin soft, smooth and naturally radiant.
BANKRUPT Clarins Eau Ressourcante Rebalancing Fragrance is a blend of aromatherapeutic essential oils and plant extracts to invigorate your senses and treat your skin.
whose lines of aromatherapeutic products allow you to clean house, contribute to a healthy environment, and create a sweet-smelling home all at once.
Then why not take part in a trial and try free samples of an aromatherapeutic massage gel to soothe sports injuries or arthritic pain.
Verdict: This soap has an uplifting scent and envelops your body in an aromatherapeutic lather so you feel great.
Take me away: Avid Mini Spas ($10) put soap, aromatherapeutic candles, and incense in one package, but they're tailored for your needs--there's even a mini spa for gay couples called Male Bag.
Each soap is basically a beauty treatment, which has aromatherapeutic properties and looks and smells delightful.
A lot of big companies are jumping on the bandwagon and saying their products are aromatherapeutic, when they're not," says Cheryl Hoard, president of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA).