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the therapeutic use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils in baths or massage

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Natural flavoring from cocoa and fruit extracts arc used for taste and aromatherapeutic benefits.
Aromatherapy claims in all subcategories could generally help add value to this competitive and saturated market, and even help make the chore of hair removal a more pleasant experience - provided the aromatherapeutic benefit really works.
The ingredients list includes organic Mediterranean olive oil, pure aromatherapeutic essential oils, and certified organic herbs.
The range features three aromatherapeutic blends that are said to calm the nervous system, improve circulation and tone the skin.
Thus it is that I am immensely proud of this week's announcement by Alan Johnson, minister for nutters, to the effect that the Government is to throw 13m [pounds sterling] at aromatherapeutic rebirthing classes for victims of the recession.
NEAL'S Yard have launched a new Nourishing Lavender Shampoo as part of a new range of aromatherapeutic shampoos and conditioners.
Natural aromatherapeutic household cleaners, handmade soaps, seven-inch tall pinecones dipped in scented wax, and Wicked Natural eggplant caponata are some of the items that can be purchased every day of the week at the store, except for Saturdays.
See "Smell This, You'll Feel Better," December 2004; "Essential Information," January 2005; and "Canines in a Mist," April 2005, for more information about using aromatherapeutic products.
Caldrea brings the legend of relaxing lavender to the laundry room, continuing the practice of aromatherapeutic homekeeping products.
Made of imported Finnish wood, with expansive glass windows, American Leisure's Aqua Grotto adds aromatherapeutic benefits to enhance the sauna experience.
Each cup provides aromatherapeutic benefits -- rooibos is antioxidant-rich and purifying, while lavender calms the spirit.
There are numerous ways to enjoy lemon balm, whether you add it to tea, use it as a cooking herb, purchase supplements or tinctures from the health food store, or simply enjoy its aromatherapeutic qualities in a relaxing bath.
The wipes, specially formulated for the nursery, create an aromatherapeutic atmosphere with essential oils derived from geranium, orange, jasmine, coriander, rose and bergamot.
Essential Oils (tea tree oil and lavender oil) are added for their aromatherapeutic and skin conditioning properties.
viridis) lavender, have a somewhat pronounced camphoric quality, making them better suited for cosmetic and aromatherapeutic purposes.