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English poet and literary critic (1822-1888)

United States general and traitor in the American Revolution

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A sudden timidity seized on Arnold exactly at the wrong moment.
She could have boxed Arnold on both ears for being so unreasonably afraid of her.
I'll speak to him," returned Arnold, "before I leave the house.
Of course, when I am married to Arnold, you will come and live with us.
She joined Arnold, and recovered her gayety the moment she looked at him.
For them Arnold had sincere theoretical sympathy (though his temperament made it impossible for him to enter into the same sort of personal sympathy with them as did Ruskin); but their whole environment and conception of life seemed to him hideous.
It has indeed for its basis a very wide range of knowledge, acquired by intellectual processes, but this knowledge alone Arnold readily admitted to be 'machinery.
Toward democracy Arnold took, not Carlyle's attitude of definite opposition, but one of questioning scrutiny.
Carlyle would accomplish this end by means of great individual characters inspired by confidence in the spiritual life and dominating their times by moral strength; Ruskin would accomplish it by humanizing social conditions and spiritualizing and refining all men's natures through devotion to the principles of moral Right and esthetic Beauty; Arnold would leaven the crude mass of society, so far as possible, by permeating it with all the myriad influences of spiritual, moral, and esthetic culture.