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United States composer and musical theorist (born in Austria) who developed atonal composition (1874-1951)

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The Arnold Schonberg Center (hereinafter ASC), which spells the composer's surname with an umlaut even though he had the spelling legally changed to the transliterated version in the United States, holds a vast treasure trove of primary and secondary sources, and its staff is very generous in sharing information, access, and digital scans of materials.
The Arnold Schonberg Center is also in charge of the Modling Museum.
Dewey is a choral singer who sang with the Austrian Radio Choir and the Arnold Schonberg Choir while studying in Vienna.
Adorno was also a musician and, as a young man, he lived briefly in Vienna to study under Arnold Schonberg before returning to Frankfurt.
4 and Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen ("Songs of a Wayfarer") is of arrangements made so that Arnold Schonberg and his musical circle could get together to play and appreciate Mahler's music in the dreary days following World War I.
In Hartmut Lange's latest work, the narrative hinges on the interrelation between a string quartet by Arnold Schonberg and the plot: the leader of a string quartet becomes obsessed both with Schonberg's opus 37 and the suspicion that his wife is having an affair with a colleague.
Gustav Klimt (presented, contrary to most rumors, as a platonic pal here), Enrico Caruso, Arnold Schonberg and Gerhart Hauptmann were also among those often mentioned as full-fledged members of the Alma Mutual Admiration Society.
Once you start this metaphor business, you can go anywhere - if he wants us to have his own interpretation, Libeskind will have to write a manual, but that's not the point in a Decon world, and his rather vague references to the influences of Arnold Schonberg and Walter Benjamin explain little.
The first of "4 Piezas para Piano" comes across as bar music in the style of Arnold Schonberg, as does his "Composicion para Violin, Violoncello, y Piano.
She says the composer Arnold Schonberg once told her that if he had not developed 12-tone music, someone else would have, and that his work was a natural and historical extension of Mahler's.
The festival's guru is the erstwhile Graz resident Nikolaus Harnoncourt, the resident choir and orchestra are the Arnold Schonberg Choir and the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, and regular festival guests include leading European singers and instrumentalists.
The first meeting on October 17 2006 took place in the Arnold Schonberg Center Vienna.
CANADIAN VOCALISTS ON THIS YEAR'S GRAMMY AWARDS roster of classical nominees include: Russell Braun, for the Dorian release of Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde in the Arnold Schonberg version for chamber orchestra (Best Small Ensemble Performance); Richard Margison, with members of the Royal Conservatory Ensemble, for their RCA Red Seal disc of music by Mieczyslaw Weinberg, On the Threshold of Hope (Best Chamber Music Performance); and Laura Pudwell, in the cast of CPO's release of Lullys Thesee (Best Opera Recording).
Works by: Franco Donatoni (Italy) Arpege (1986), Qu Xiaosong (Chine) JI 7 Motionless Water (1997) and Arnold Schonberg (Austria/USA) Kammersymphonie (quintet version - 1906).
For the first time in English, Breivik builds on work he presented in the article "Arnold Schonberg og Paul Hindemith: Individualister pa funksjonalistisk grunn" (Svensk tidskrifi for musikforskning 78 [1996]: 11-24), and his dissertation, "Musikalsk funksjonalisme: En studie i Arnold Schonbergs og Paul Hindemiths musikktenkning" (Ph.