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United States composer and musical theorist (born in Austria) who developed atonal composition (1874-1951)

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The Arnold Schonberg Center (hereinafter ASC), which spells the composer's surname with an umlaut even though he had the spelling legally changed to the transliterated version in the United States, holds a vast treasure trove of primary and secondary sources, and its staff is very generous in sharing information, access, and digital scans of materials.
The Arnold Schonberg Center is also in charge of the Modling Museum.
El que cultiva la cancion, el que le da un estatuto altamente artistico, casi insuperable a la cancion y con la raiz popular que siempre tiene y que sabe elaborarla hasta las formas mas sofisticadas, haciendo esa tradicion de la cancion que luego llegara al Romanticismo, que tambien hay cosas ahi como Robert Schumman sobre todo, y por supuesto Gustav Mahler, y hasta Arnold Schonberg hasta yo diria un poco atonal y atematico, sobre todo en su libro de Los Jardines Colgantes, que nos ofrece una de las de las mas hermosas colecciones de cancion a partir de una musica ya del siglo XX.
Somewhat surprisingly his dance music was even transcribed by Arnold Schonberg and other 'modern' composers in the 1920s.
Lucie Latulippe of the organizing committee outlined some highlights including a free open air concert by Celine Dion on the Plains of Abraham on August 22, 2008, a special performance of the Cirque du Soleil on October 19, 2008, a performance of two operas, le Chateau de Barbe-bleue by Bela Bartok and Erwartung by Arnold Schonberg, in association with Robert Lapage from October 18-25.
The volume contains, for example, a number of relatively specialized considerations of individual writers whose careers in some way straddled the two cities (Alan Bance on Horvath, Edward Timms on Kraus, Andrew Barker on Roth), alongside several broad, but compressed, historical-biographical accounts of the cultural 'exchange' between the two cities in a period in which Berlin served as a place of voluntary 'exile' for such prominent Viennese as Max Reinhardt and Arnold Schonberg.
What of modern composers, such as Arnold Schonberg (1874-1951) and his successors?
Este 24 de diciembre se cumplen setenta anos de la muerte del compositor Alban Berg (Viena, 1885-1935), a quien bien puede considerarse un conciliador entre la tradicion y las nuevas gramaticas armonicas instauradas por su mentor Arnold Schonberg a principios del siglo xx.
Also the waltzing Strausses, Suppe, Gluck and Hugo Wolf and a little distance away, separated perhaps by a cordon sanitaire, the atonalist Arnold Schonberg.
Dewey is a choral singer who sang with the Austrian Radio Choir and the Arnold Schonberg Choir while studying in Vienna.
Adorno was also a musician and, as a young man, he lived briefly in Vienna to study under Arnold Schonberg before returning to Frankfurt.
4 and Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen ("Songs of a Wayfarer") is of arrangements made so that Arnold Schonberg and his musical circle could get together to play and appreciate Mahler's music in the dreary days following World War I.
In Hartmut Lange's latest work, the narrative hinges on the interrelation between a string quartet by Arnold Schonberg and the plot: the leader of a string quartet becomes obsessed both with Schonberg's opus 37 and the suspicion that his wife is having an affair with a colleague.
Gustav Klimt (presented, contrary to most rumors, as a platonic pal here), Enrico Caruso, Arnold Schonberg and Gerhart Hauptmann were also among those often mentioned as full-fledged members of the Alma Mutual Admiration Society.
Asi, bajo el epigrafe de "Luz, espacio, movimiento" aparecen textos de Loie Fuller, Adolphe Appia, Emile Jaques-Dalcroze, Isadora Duncan y Gordon Craig, y bajo la etiqueta de "Teatro y abstraccion," de Vasily Kandinsky, Arnold Schonberg, Filippo-Tomasso Marinetti, Bruno Corra, Emilio Settimelli, Enrico Prampolini, Jean Cocteau, Leon Bakst, Guillaume Apollinaire, Fernand Leger, Hugo Ball, Kurt Schwitters, Frederick Kiesler, Lothar Schreyer, Oskar Schlemmer, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy y Antonin Artaud.