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United States psychologist noted for his work in child development (1880-1961)

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83) Co-op nursery schools throughout the country aligned themselves with progressive education, closely following such theorists as Dorothy Baruch, Arnold Gesell, and James Hymes, Jr.
Arnold Gesell (1924) described his efforts at the Yale University psychological clinic to establish developmental norms for children between birth and 5 years of age in "The Significance of the Nursery School.
In "The Significance of the Nursery School," Arnold Gesell (1924) traced the origins of the nursery school in England and used his research on developmental norms to support the establishment of nursery schools.
wrote the first book on adolescence; and Arnold Gesell (democracy begins at home) proclaimed that each child deserves individualized nurturance.
They were developed by Arnold Gesell, a welt known developmental psychologist, pediatrician, and head of the Yale Clinic of Child Development, founded in 1911.
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Word of the moving pictures reached Arnold Gesell, who sought an interview with Keliher.