Arno River

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a river in central Italy rising in the Apennines and flowing through Florence and Pisa to the Ligurian Sea

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But not too many Evertonians will be hurrying back to Tuscany in the near future after a depressing, dispiriting night on the banks of the Arno River.
As for The Rising Rebel - "The owner may be looking for the equine equivalent of a car boot sale, as The Rising Rebel, The Brogue Rogue, Arno River, Members Only and Onlybegoneanhour began and ended their season as maidens, and Orinocovsky is not worth keeping either".
We opted for a mobile home, one of Vacansoleil's largest, found nestling unobtrusively in the Tuscan hillsides near the Arno river that runs through Florence and then on to Pisa.
The fair took place on the street in front of the consulate, facing the Arno River.
pounds 875 SAVE pounds 238pp on a trip to Florence if you stay three nights for the price of two at the five-star Palazzo Magnani Feroni, just minutes from the Arno River.
The Pitti Palace is located in the ancient Italian city of Florence on a piazza amid a warren of small buildings, boutiques, cafes, and repair shops divided by the Arno River.
Florence, on the Arno River, issued restrictions on travelers and goods as early as 1348.
Home to romantic cities such as Siena and Pisa, it is also where you will find the Chianti region, near the Arno River between Florence and Siena, where wine has flowed in the Tuscan hills since medieval times.
We dropped into Florence many times to meander around the streets, along the Arno river, across the Pont Vecchio (a bridge lined with jewellers), in and out of the Bargello and other museums.
Yet Masters places great weight on Leonardo's (putative) influence on Machiavelli via his abortive plans to divert the Arno river.
Speaking from the Uffizi by video, with a view of Florence's Arno River and the Palazzo Vecchio, Natali greeted visitors in Italian, recounting the origins of the Uffizi as administrative offices for the Florentine magistrates.
On a private terrace atop the famed Ponte Vecchio - a Renaissance bridge lined by shops and jewellers spanning the Arno River - guests will linger over a four-course meal designed by Michelin-starred Chef Vito Mollica of Four Seasons Hotel Firenze.
From there he was sent to Europe and Africa where he participated in battles at Algeria, French Morocco, Sicily, Naples, Foggia, Rome, Arno River, Southern France and Rhineland.
It was later damaged in the Arno River flood in Florence in 1844.
Ortlip had taken a hard-won day off climbing to the historic Plaza for the exquisite view overlooking the Arno River and The Pointe Veechio.