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a river in central Italy rising in the Apennines and flowing through Florence and Pisa to the Ligurian Sea

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All the while the jaguar kept tracking the heifer, a cow that was also Arno's favorite.
Jenkins claimed Michael Arno, the president of the firm, had told him at multiple points that the Cruz campaign had contacted him to inquire about his work for the Jenkins campaign.
Context is holding back approximately USD 0.2m of the purchase price for a period of six months in order to secure certain indemnification and other obligations of Arno under the purchase agreement.
Arno explains: "We come with a special dedicated live show that works for the most part, with the songs from the album.
* Latest news and deals relating to the Arno Therapeutics, Inc.'s pipeline products
Arno feels there are some specific issues that he wants his group to address.
There are 13 monks in residence, including Pater Arno and the Abbot, although some of the monks are away on missionary trips.
Wahrend des Annaherungsprozesses an den Vater wird dessen Vergangenheit, die in Vergessenheit geraten ist, wieder vergegenwartigt, wobei das Erzahlen der Geschichte des Vaters dem Sohn Arno Geiger selbst zur Wiederentdeckung seiner eigenen Kindheit und Jugend verhilft, so dass er den Vater Schritt fur Schnitt emeut kennen lemt.
Police said the couple spent the night in bars in the medieval city before taking a walk by the Arno at 3.30am.
According to ( reports , there is a possibility that Arno Stark will replace Tony Stark if Iron Man 4 is to be put in production and with Downey contractually bound to do "Avengers 3," the production will start sometime around Phase 3.
A charming and friendly priest, Father Arno, who speaks impeccable English, welcomed us into his "home" with open arms.
Hashim bin Abdullah Yamani met here today with visiting French Minister of Industry and Productivity Rehabilitation Arno Montaud.
COOKFOX Architects announced that Amanda Lehman and Brandon Specketer have been promoted to senior associates, and Arno Adkins and Luciana Spinola have been promoted to associates.
Eight scenes adorning this Room bear river gods or mountain deities, including the Arno, Mugnone, Tiber, Vatican Hill, Po, Ronco, and the Apennines (Allegri and Cecchi 114-27; Muccini and Cecchi 98-117).