Arnica montana

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herb of pasture and open woodland throughout most of Europe and western Asia having orange-yellow daisylike flower heads that when dried are used as a stimulant and to treat bruises and swellings

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Company officials say it provides safe and effective relief for bruising, pain and swelling and contains Arnica Montana, a homeopathic remedy used for centuries to treat these conditions.
Use Of homeopathic Arnica Montana for the issuance of roots of Rosmarinus officinalis L.
We've improved this Vitamin K eye care cream by adding Arnica Montana and soy peptides to help eliminate the bags and black rings.
Fortunately, there are safe, effective, natural nutrients that can alleviate these skin-related side effects of cancer treatment: vitamin K1, vitamin D, extract of the European flowering plant Arnica montana (arnica), oats, and concentrated tea extracts.
One of the plants appears to be Amaranthus spinosus, a native of parts of Central America and the other is an obscure member of the daisy family, possibly Arnica montana, a European native, currently being used in various herbal medical preparations.
Effect of the homeopathic remedy Arnica montana 7CH on mechanical trauma in mice.
The name of the classical medicinal plant Arnica montana definitely became known in Estonia before the mid-19th century, but it is impossible to tell when exactly the name first turned up in folklore.
45 for 30g, Boots and Holland & Barrett) contains the herb Arnica Montana - proven to help speed up the healing process of bruising.
Atrogel is made from freshly harvested, organically grown and hand picked arnica montana flowers.
Aunque en el mercado existen varias formulaciones para el tratamiento postoperatorio como es el caso de la China rubra a la 9CH o la Staphysagria a la 9CH (2) (administrado en tambien en granulos), en el caso que nos ocupa utilizaremos como tratamiento homeopatico postoperatorio de eleccion Arnica Montana a la 9 CH 5 granulos 3 veces/dia via oral (FOTO1) hasta la retirada de la sutura es decir aproximadamente una semana.
A team of researchers from the Drug Delivery Group at the Bradford School of Pharmacy in the UK found what they believe to be the scientific basis for the antibruising effects of Arnica montana in topical homeopathic preparations.
Arnica montana is a cream which contains lac tones which give it an antiinflammatory effect,dispelling pain.