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(Old Testament) an Israelite prophet who is remembered for his angry lamentations (jeremiads) about the wickedness of his people (circa 626-587 BC)

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a book in the Old Testament containing the oracles of the prophet Jeremiah

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At present the section of the border is guarded using thermo monitoring andA border policeA patrols, as well asA armyA units.
Cuando estaba en la escuela en Estados Unidos llegaron los de la Armya reclutar.
The Lebanese ArmyA deployed Tuesday night across the city after supporters of former MP Ossama Saad and supporters of the Future Movement clashed.
Some 700 people a about as many as the organizers had expected a participated in the procession which started at theA National Palace of CultureA and proceeded down the Vasil Levski Blvd to theA Monument of the Soviet ArmyA where the participants watched a concert dedicated to the initiative.
Armya s Joint Multi-Role Technology Demonstrator Phase 1 program (JMR TD), paving the way for the next generation of vertical lift aircraft.