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a marksman who shoots at people from a concealed place

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The Yemeni army snipers also killed 22 Saudi-backed militants in Shabwah province, two others in Al-Bayda province and three more in Dhale province," the source added.
Activists speaking via Skype said army snipers were making it difficult to approach the Souq Al Madinah, the medieval market of vaulted stone alleyways and carved wooden facades that was once a major tourist attraction.
Tanks have entered parts of Salaheddine and army snipers, using the cover of heavy bombardment, deployed on rooftops, hindering rebel movements.
Army snipers are being trained to shoot down terrorists from helicopters during the London Olympics.
has moved forward to ensure Army snipers are trained in relevant urban environments at the institutional level.
Pictures circulated on Saturday showed army snipers taking positions in buildings in the Rajprasong business district.
To keep in practice, the army snipers would also be dispatched every year to the Highlands of Scotland to practise stalking and killing deer during the official culling season.
The ruthless strategy is a desperate bid to foil the growing success of Army snipers picking off Taliban teams laying the deadly home-made bombs.
with the instruction of a new class of Army snipers.
Israeli army snipers speak with remarkable openness about their profession.
Working in teams of 2 or 3, army snipers in Iraq cloak themselves in the shadows of empty city buildings or burrow into desert sands with camouflage suits, waiting to fell guerrilla gunmen and their leaders with a single shot from as far as 800 metres away.
Earlier, another Palestinian man wounded in the church by Israeli army snipers was evacuated to a hospital.
Former Marines, Army snipers and Rangers -- with experience in Vietnam, Panama, the Persian Gulf and other hot spots too clandestine to discuss -- compose this group of motivated, salty Guard veterans.
Israeli army snipers shot dead four Palestinian gunmen in the West Bank who were allegedly on their way to carry out a night attack yesterday.
It also targeted gatherings of Saudi soldiers in al-Qarn and al-Kars sites and in the west of Hamidha village, meanwhile a Saudi soldier was shot dead by the army snipers in Mostahdath site east of Jahfan in Jizan, the official also said.
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