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The army doctors managed to save the life of the injured woman, who got into labour after receiving gunshots in the terror attack, helped her deliver a healthy baby through c-section on Saturday night.
After the President unfurled the tricolour and a customary 21-gun salute, an Army doctor Major Laishram Jyotin Singh was awarded posthumously the highest peacetime gallantry award -- the Ashok Chakra -- for his bravery while fighting militants during an attack on Indians in Kabul.
Earlier on Tuesday, a similar attack on a Nato convoy in Kabul killed at least 20 civilians, an Afghan army doctor told the AFP news agency.
The A-level student, who hopes to become an Army doctor, said: "It was an honour to meet the Queen, I can't believe I'm here.
The 32 year-old British Army doctor from Nottingham used to play rugby for London Wasps.
Although unable to get anesthesia for Hildreth, an Australian army doctor agreed to cut into the flesh and put rags in to drain it.
They went to Army doctor David Chambers, North Yorkshire policewoman Lydia Evitt, medical student Sarah Chamberlain and Northallerton College students Tom Tasane and Edward Shurlock.
The article "Reality Isn't Optional" in our March 22 issue incorrectly stated that Jessica Lynch's father is "an Army doctor presently stationed in Iraq.
An Army doctor predicts that number could more than double.
Tilly and Delphine go to find him wounded in the ghastly hospital tents and eventually save his life, with the help of a young Army doctor.
In fact, a straight friend of mine who was trying to get out of his national duty went to his army medical exam with a face full of make-up and told the army doctor he had a voracious sexual appetite for men.
Rajeev Raj Shahi, a son-in-law of the dead king's youngest brother and an army doctor, stated flatly at a press conference, ''He (the crown prince) is a murderer.
Through the British acquaintances he was staying with, he met an army doctor whom he told about his problems with Mac.
Rumanisches Tagebuch (1924; A Roumanian Diary; republished in 1934 as Tagebuch im Kriege, "War Diary") is based on Carossa's observations as an army doctor during World War I; it was the first of his books to gain recognition outside Germany.
A native Californian, Rosenberger first came to Atlanta as an Army doctor, then settied in Acworth 20 years ago at the end of his military service.
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