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The President singled out young Army Rangers, whom he'd met during his previous D-Day visit.
In Narathiwat's Cho AI Rong district, an army ranger volunteer was wounded in a school bombing at a school believed to be the work of insurgents.
As precursors to today's US Army Rangers, they dealt with conflicts in the colonies and with Native Americans and modified fighting strategies as a result.
Wiley X provides eye protection for the FBI, DEA, Army Rangers, Navy SEALs and other Special Forces units.
Army Rangers, who have placed their lives on the line against crushing odds for more than 200 years of American history.
Known as Trijicon's "ACOG," it is seen nightly on TV in the hands of the US Marines, Green Berets, Navy Seals, Army Rangers and other ground-pounding units operating in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Mir Bahmanyar's Shadow Warriors: A History Of The US Army Rangers (184176860X, $29.
Army Rangers who were there with him say that even as he was dying, he instructed them on what to do for the others so they wouldn't die too.
But the film, alas, is rather too respectful of the effort, which involved a whole lot of uneventful walking on the part of the Army Rangers who made the raid, and much listless sitting around by the starving prisoners awaiting rescue.
Previous military statements suggested the former NFL player died under enemy fire as he led his team of Army Rangers up a hill.
That was Jeremy Feldbusch, twenty-four years old, a sergeant in the Army Rangers, who was guarding a dam along the Euphrates River on April 3, 2003, when a shell exploded 100 feet away and shrapnel tore into his face.
Harris Lieberman and a team at the US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine studied Navy Seals and Army Rangers taking part in exercises designed to mimic combat conditions.
Eleven bodies were also found in and around the hospital during the rescue, which involved US Army Rangers and Navy Seals.
Army Rangers were killed in the street battle, but 1,000 Somalis died, many of them civilians, as the Americans fought their way in to rescue Rangers trapped by the battle.
Army rangers aren't likely to become fixtures in the lobbies of commercial office buildings here, nor should they.
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