arms industry

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an industry that manufacturers weapons of war

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First, he must seek reduction of global arms stockpiles and control of arms traffic.
Crimes that can generate laundered funds include crimes against the financial institution, terrorism and drug traffic, smuggling and arms traffic, crimes against the government, transfers made by criminal organizations, kidnapping ransoms and others.
Living near the Cavalry Arms traffic lights on Halifax Road myself, I am only too familiar with the problems for local residents and those travelling to and from the M62 and beyond.
Ibrahim called on the United Nations to "denounce and condemn the arms traffic to Libya from Tunisia, which violates UN (Security Council) resolutions 1970 and 1973.
Contract award: maintenance, repair and light-signaling devices, interactive signs, lamps mounted on arms traffic, located in the national roads administered by the department gddkia in.
The USD study aims to determine arms traffic flow based on a demand curve for firearms south of the border fed by a complex set of factors and the increasing economic dependency of U.
I have sought a solution that would allow us to break all ties with Gaza while maintaining our control over maritime security through the blockade, which is critical in blocking arms traffic.