arms industry

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an industry that manufacturers weapons of war

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Crimes that can generate laundered funds include crimes against the financial institution, terrorism and drug traffic, smuggling and arms traffic, crimes against the government, transfers made by criminal organizations, kidnapping ransoms and others.
The project, he added, aims to secure national borders by protecting the country from arms traffic, smuggling and terrorists' infiltration.
Then what we need to do is provide strong support to the Government of National Accord in Libya and help it to establish its legitimate control over the territory of Libya, while at the same time helping ourselves to shut down the illegal arms traffic and the people trafficking that is causing such disruption on the Central Mediterranean.
The USD study aims to determine arms traffic flow based on a demand curve for firearms south of the border fed by a complex set of factors and the increasing economic dependency of U.
During the meetings participants discussed topical issued of cooperation of law enforcement bodies of two states against international terrorism, transnational organized crimes, illegal arms traffic, drugs traffic and further development of the modern challenges and threads combat on the territories of CSTO member states.
Contract award: maintenance, repair and light-signaling devices, interactive signs, lamps mounted on arms traffic, located in the national roads administered by the department gddkia in.
I have sought a solution that would allow us to break all ties with Gaza while maintaining our control over maritime security through the blockade, which is critical in blocking arms traffic.