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an industry that manufacturers weapons of war

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Speaking on the theme, 'Drafting Legislation to support the effective implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty, Cllr.
Andrew Smith, of Campaign Against Arms Trade, said: "This money will be used to ensure we mobilise even more people against the next arms fair, so that we can stop it from happening.
The judges said the decision by International Trade Secretary Liam Fox to carry on the arms trade was not "irrational or unlawful.
In Yemen, for instance, British weapons sales to Saudi Arabia are a serious violation of International Law and Arms Trade Treaty.
The Honorable Minister for Defence Production clearly stated that MoDP has no mandate for making policies regarding Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).
They are right to protest against the arms trade but I came here with an open mind today.
Kat Hobbs from Campaign Against the Arms Trade London said: "Activists are resolved there will be no arms fair in Wales.
Alongside focusing on the Irish arms trade with Israel and the EuroMed Agreement, it also contains questions and information related to the call for a total ban on products from illegal Israeli settlements.
The United Nations-sponsored First Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), due to open on Monday in the Caribbean resort of Cancun, is being described as a key gathering to collectively tackle the problem.
A union representing staff at some of Scotland's most famous museums and galleries have rejected sponsorship by companies involved in the arms trade.
Arming the periphery: The arms trade in the Indian Ocean during the age of global empire
A global Arms Trade Treaty to regulate the $85 billion industry and keep weapons out of the hands of human rights abusers and criminals will come into force on Dec.
The book under review is a comprehensive analysis of this global small arms trade and is based on an impressive array of archival and secondary sources.
On February 5, the European Parliament voted to authorize European Union (EU) countries to ratify the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), declaring that the Arms Trade Treaty "wouldn't necessarily result in the reduction of arms production, but it should stop arms getting into the hands of terrorists and should stop arms flooding into areas that are unstable.
The International Arms Trade by Rachel Stohl and Suzette Grillot.