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an industry that manufacturers weapons of war

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Last year, Minister of Economy Sigmar Gabriel pledged to be much more cautious in licensing arms exports, but in the first half of this year, the government approved significantly more arms exports.
Gabriel's promise last year on licensing arms exports unnerved Germany"s sizeable defence industry and signalled a change in policy from the previous coalition government, under which sales rose.
Along with China, France and Germany each account for five percent of global arms exports, although the two European nations have seen significant falls in trade , down from eight and 11 percent respectively.
accounted for over 36 percent of global arms exports, China with 11 percent, and Russia, at 5 percent.
Since 2010, 131 UK arms export licences to Israel worth PS42million have been granted, ranging from components for drones to military radars.
BERLIN, Shawwal 21, 1435, Aug 17, 2014, SPA -- One of Chancellor Angela Merkel's main allies in parliament has called for Europe to adopt common arms export regulations, saying there would be an increasing number of European defence companies in future.
The compromise deal follows a bitter coalition row, with Lib Dems wanting to stop arms exports immediately.
According to the Spanish Ministry of Commerce's statistics, Spanish arms exports to Israel range from SUV vehicles, bomb fuses, mortar power systems, among others.
Figure 1 illustrates the trend in the government-reported annual total for arms exports over a 34year period (1978-2011).
MOSKOVA (CyHAN)- The volume of Russia's arms exports this year has topped the $2 billion mark, with outstanding weapons orders standing at $47 billion, a senior government official said Monday.
Middle East sales boost French arms exports Sales to the Middle East helped propel French arms exports up 30% in 2014 with Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Morocco making up the bulk of the deals.
Despite the size of Russian arms exports, figures released in early 2014 put Russian defence contractor Almaz-Antey in fifteenth place of the world's leading defence export companies, with Russia's United Aircraft, which performed US$4.
It's the biggest order in the history of South Korea's arms exports," a KAI spokesman told AFP.
He told the Commons arms exports committee that some goods remained to be exported and there was no data to show how much had been shipped.
BERLIN, Aug 18 (KUNA) -- German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday described her government's decision to freeze all arms exports to Egypt as a move to show uneasiness with the developments.