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a limitation on the size and armament of the armed forces of a country

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The term "national technical means of verification" refers to mechanisms such as photoreconnaissance satellites, long-distance seismometers, and sophisticated radars, which are operated by one country to gather data relevant to assessment of another state's compliance with its obligations under an arms control treaty.
Disguised as an international arms control treaty to fight against terrorism and international crime syndicates, the U.
nuclear weapons complex has shown that as the size of the arsenal shrinks because of a new arms control treaty with Russia, the effectiveness and life span of the United States's weapons will increase.
The centerpiece of improved relations, the New START nuclear arms control treaty signed by Obama and Medvedev in April 2010, entered into force last month.
THE US Senate gave its blessing to an arms control treaty with Russia that reins in nuclear weapons, giving President Barack Obama a major foreign policy win in the closing hours of the post-election congress.
Summary: The US Senate has approved a landmark nuclear arms control treaty with Russia.
Instead, the bipartisan consensus that has allowed the slow unwinding of Cold War insanities was revived, and the Senate handed President Obama a victory by ratifying the New Start arms control treaty with Russia.
21, 2010, SPA -- President Barack Obama has the votes for Senate ratification of a new arms control treaty with Russia.
and Russia, such as the START arms control treaty, which now awaits ratification by the U.
After months of negotiations with the White House, he has decided to try to block the lame-duck Senate from ratifying the New Start arms control treaty.
They will attempt to halt the arms control treaty, a civilian nuclear cooperation between the two countries, and will halt American steps to repeal cold war-era trade restrictions so Russia can join the World Trade Organization.
This timeframe provides a restricted opportunity to formulate a relatively complex arms control treaty.
The treaty, which was signed on July 31 1991, negotiated the largest and most complex arms control treaty in history.
AoAuBarack Obama, announcing that he and Russian President Medvedev had finalized a new arms control treaty, to be signed in Prague on April 8.
He warned that a Middle East resolution would be "pivotal" to the success of the review conference and the future of the arms control treaty.