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a limitation on the size and armament of the armed forces of a country

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But it also sought to limit and reduce the numbers of large ICBMs in the Soviet force through arms control agreements.
Despite this legal framework, it must be noted that no state is forced to conclude arms control agreements (den Dekker, 2001, p.
However, Dr Takeyh concludes that Iranian leadership sees no value in arms control agreements, having watched the international community look aside when Saddam Hussein's Iraq attacked his own countrymen with chemical weapons.
Their suspicion is not only contained to 'Global Zero Movement, but the failure of several disarmament or arms control agreements in South Asia and Middle East like FMCT and NPT is predominantly the by-product of understanding gap.
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As the United States has entered into additional arms control agreements, its NRRC has assumed additional responsibilities for the agreements' exchanges of data.
States must act on their commitments and strengthen support for existing and emerging global norms and instruments related to armed violence reduction, including disarmament and arms control agreements and the MDGs themselves.
He focuses on the participation rather than compliance of over 150 states bound in 20 multilateral environmental treaties, five major arms control agreements, and 31 human rights conventions.
These ideas were later formally institutionalized in arms control agreements.
Disputes over compliance with arms control agreements are
Arms control agreements helped to moderate the nuclear arms race, and were a Cold War first.
And it opposes arms control agreements that might impair American ability to "conduct research, development, testing, and operations, or other activities in space.
The existing structure of the Department's international security bureaus reflects another time, a time when our nation concentrated on negotiating strategic arms control agreements, often over the course of many years, and focused almost exclusively on the Soviet Union as the greatest threat to our security.
As chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Helms was one of the most powerful men on Capitol Hill, known as a fierce foe of Communism, Aids research, arms control agreements and Cuban leader Fidel Castro.
These include but are not limited to: diplomacy, the existence of unequal power between adversaries, the willingness to precommit forces to a troubled area, the existence of arms control agreements, and mutual participation in international organizations.