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(used of arms and legs) bent outward with the joint away from the body

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Hattersley strode up to the fire, and interposing his height and breadth between us and it, stood with arms akimbo, expanding his chest, and gazing round him as if the house and all its appurtenances and contents were his own undisputed possessions.
The great man put his arms akimbo, the backs of his big hands resting on his hips.
And this dreadful blacksmith with his arms akimbo, laughing,--oh, isn't he ugly?
When I got home, my wife, Dulce, with arms akimbo, greeted me with, 'the President called and was upset that if it would be between your Uncle and her, etc.
It has now reached a point in which we cannot stand aloof with our arms akimbo.
On my left, arms akimbo in the cool March breeze, was a tiny tot who could not have been more than three years old.
Under the pale yellow circle of light from the lamp-post a shawled woman stood, her arms akimbo.
Then Jacquelyn Coutre guides us through the centuries, as generations of historians and art lovers have attempted to unravel the mystery behind Rembrandt's magnificent and imposing Portrait of a Man with Arms Akimbo.
The cosmic mix that'll be with you for some weeks to come stirs you to express yourself, whether that's with a paintbrush, a microphone or with arms akimbo, telling it how it is, or in some cases, on bended knee, ring in hand.
In the past I have sprayed my armpits with super strength hair spray and walked around with arms akimbo as if waiting to scrum down.
The poster accompanying the exhibition showed Woodman standing, arms akimbo, behind one of her vases, so that the artist was occluded by her own work.
Within the linguini-like bed of porcelain ribbon are lobster claws with human arms akimbo.
She clicked her tongue and stood before him, arms akimbo.
Real deal CHRISTIE'S have previously sold several important works by the artist including Man with Arms Akimbo in 2009 for pounds 20,201,250 and Portrait of an Aeltje Uylenburgh in 200 for pounds 19,803,750.