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  • adj

Synonyms for armored

protected by armor (used of persons or things military)

used of animals

equipped with the complete arms and armor of a warrior


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LONDON -- Lessons learned during operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have created awareness amongst the top defence equipment manufacturers about the need for new technologies that increase survivability and limit the incidence of mobility kill during armoured warfare, particularly unconventional battle scenarios.
Part of author Anthony Tucker-Jones' series of photographic military histories, Images of War: Armoured Warfare in Northwest Europe 1944-1945 is a repository of rare, black-and-white photographs from World War II archives.
Historians often remark that armoured warfare in the West was a contest between Allied quantity and German quality.
95) is for wargamers who subscribe to the Bolt Action scenario, and provides a new supplement and new opportunities to expand player games into the armoured warfare circle.
Describing the impact of the World War II siege, Prof Scott said: "We always think of the Germans as conducting armoured warfare, and particularly their most successful commander, von Manstein.