armoured personnel carrier

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(military) an armored vehicle (usually equipped with caterpillar treads) that is used to transport infantry

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Delhi Police will have its own SWAT team (Special Weapons and Tactics) in three light armoured troop carrier (LATC), in addition to the NSG commandos," he said.
Two Marines were killed and two wounded when their armoured troop carrier was hit by an artillery shell at a bridge spanning a canal.
Kavach bullet proof armoured troop carrier vehicles
Tata Motors Defence Solutions has delivered 21 Light Armoured Troop Carrier vehicles to the Gujarat Police, for strengthening its security preparedness.
When Meshlite Starlite thought it had developed a glass-like roofing material to meet stringent European regulations it decided to put it to the test - by driving a 30-ton Warrior armoured troop carrier over it.
Armed Services minister Dr John Reid clambered on top of his armoured troop carrier and grinned: "If only I had one of these for the party conference - then they'd listen
Whatever this turns out to be, we know what it is not: a large, mobile army with overly armoured troop carriers, tanks that are used as IED-triggering devices, and troops that wear 60 pounds of armour as basic kit.
Armoured troop carriers also moved into the roads around the palace, in what Egypt's state news agency said was a measure to secure the palace.
Arms, ammunition and security equipment worth over ` 5,000 crore -- including 90,000 bullet- proof jackets, 68,000 AK- 47s, 16,000 assault rifles, eight helicopters and 118 light armoured troop carriers -- have been bought by the home ministry and the Central Armed Police Forces ( CAPFs) since 2009.
The platforms are the basic framework of the armoured body of the armoured troop carriers onto which operating systems are applied.
Witnesses saw some 150 armoured troop carriers, ambulances, water tankers and jeeps cross into Bahrain and head towards Riffa.
In one carefully managed exercise, a tranquil Thai beach was invaded by amphibious armoured troop carriers as attack helicopters and Harrier jets sweep over the sand.
I had to go everywhere in a flak jacket and bright blue helmet with the UN soldiers in armoured troop carriers.
Another 100 soldiers from the same Scots Guards Battalion, who operate Warrior armoured troop carriers, will go to Afghanistan.
An inquest jury yesterday returned a verdict of misadventure on an exhausted Army corporal who suffered fatal injuries when he was crushed between two 18 tonne armoured troop carriers on their way to Iraq.