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an armor-plated truck with strong doors and locks used to transport money or valuables

a military combat vehicle on wheels with light armor (and usually a machine gun)

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RUMBLE ON Armoured cars trundle off to their new home in Leuchars.
The EU has already provided 25 armoured cars to OPCW inspectors in Syria earlier this year, said Mann.
Mohammed Ahmed, from NIMR Automotive, which is selling enormous anti-riot armoured cars, said that his company sold two of them to Colonel Gaddafi before the civil war in Libya.
According to the Daily Mail, 40 aircraft, including Air Force One, and six heavily armoured cars will follow the president around the country.
We have been supplying armoured cars for them for over 25 years.
The 430 troops due to deploy next month will use six old four-wheeled Panhard AML armoured cars, which date back to the end of their Congo operation in the 1960s, as part of their equipment.
Now both Solihull-based Land Rover and Coventry luxury car firm Jaguar have decided to become major players in the armoured car trade.
The new Boxer armoured car is being developed by the UK, Germany and the Netherlands
DIVERS are joining the big guns for an underwater adventure in a Scottish loch - where tanks and armoured cars are among the attractions.
Camouflaged sniper rifles, hand guns, armoured cars with water cannons and audio blaring, hostage taking simulators, underwater submersibles and VIP body armour were just some of the equipment
Externally, the armoured cars are identical to the normal models.
A mob in the city of Basra hurled fire bombs and stones at British troops, setting at least two Warrior armoured cars on fire.
The cash-strapped Department of Defence is now looking at auctioning surplus equipment including its armoured cars.
Private Rob Donkin, aged 24, from Rosyth in Scotland was part of a six-man team from the Black Watch regiment escorting the train of 20 armoured cars from Pristina to Thessalonika in Greece last November.
Thousands of soldiers in tanks, armoured cars and trucks moved deep into the impoverished district on the northeastern edge of Baghdad, witnesses said.