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cable used to distribute electricity

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Tenders are invited for Suppl Supply of UG Telephone armoured cable of the following sizes and Junction Boxes.
mm XLPE insulated PVC sheathed Aluminium stranded conductor, strip armoured cable of grade 1.
High mast for Sport Flood Lighting, SITC of XLPE unarmoured copper cable and aluminium armoured cable, Design, Supply, installation, Testing and Commissioning of L.
mm aluminium conductor,PVC insulated steel armoured cable, grade-II OOV, Polycab make, same laying in 120m.
Tenders are invited for Repair Replacement Of Unserviceable Earthings And Lightening Protection With Connected Works At 11 Brd Af Station Ojhar And 793 Su Borgad And Replacement Of Armoured Cable At Office Complex Of Oddg Nasik Dgaqa Ojhar.
Tenders are invited for Isi Marked Ltug Xlpe Four Core 25 Sq Mm Size Circular Armoured Cable , Crosslinked Polyethelene Xlpe Insulated.
ON is on the verge of completing the installation of a new armoured cable which will allow the blades on the two turbines off Blyth to start turning again for the first time since early 2006.
1kv Grade Aluminium Conductor Pvc Insulated Extruded Single Round Armoured Cable Confirming To Is: 1554 (Part-1)1988.
Mm Size Circuler Armoured Cable , Crosslinked Polyethelene Xlpe Insulated ,Pvc Outer Sheathed Armoured With Galvanised Or Steel Strip Cable With Aluminium Conductor Suitable For Rated Voltage Of 1100 Volts Grade And Conforming To Is 7098 Part-1.