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cable used to distribute electricity

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and mischievously cut-off Armoured cables connected to a generating set in the Church.
a manufacturer of hand tools and motorised equipment designed to cut metal-clad and armoured cables.
Yesterday, Martin Roberts, the company's construction projects manager, said: "We had to order a specially armoured cable from Italy, which has a steel outer shell to cope with the extreme conditions at Blyth.
Product Sub-Category : Xlpe insulated armoured cable
The single-earthed lead-wire armoured cable was stolen from the UGC cinema complex on Mary Ann Street in Cardiff on February 28 at around 5pm.
Tenders are invited for Sitc of 4x50 sqmm pvc insulated pvc / xlpe sheathed copper conductor armoured cable and associated works for nib power plant at 3rd floor, Kidwai bhawan, New delhi.
Tenders are invited for Supplying of Armoured cable Document cost : INR 500 EMD value : INR 4000 Document Purchase Start date : 12 Oct 2017 Document Purchase End date : 27 Oct 2017 Opening date : 31 Oct 2017
Tenders are invited for Replacement of bare conductor with LT XLPE Armoured Cable, shifting of meter from consumer premises to outside and replacement of Electromechanical meter, theft prone meter, defective meter etc.