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Synonyms for thyroid

located near the base of the neck

of or relating to the thyroid gland


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Discontinuing Armour Thyroid and metformin--symptoms of hypoglycemia emerged as a leading concern--were simple adjustments that led to resolution of the most concerning elements of her confusion.
At the latest hearing, Dr Thomas Akintewe, Consultant Diabetologist, reviewed 662 of Skinner's patients over the past three years and raised concerns that Dr Skinner gave drugs thyroxine and Armour Thyroid to some patients who in his judgement had no clinical need for it.
Armour thyroid, a drug substance, was detected in Chasu, according to the Aichi prefectural officials.
So why are doctors so quick to prescribe Synthroid and other synthetic thyroid hormones instead of the older Armour thyroid preparations?
She was treated for years with integrative medicine and medicated with Armour Thyroid 120 mg daily, reducing her severe fatigue, and bioidentical hormones, which helped her menopausal symptoms.
Mooresville, Indiana: You report good results with Armour Thyroid after reading an article about it in The Saturday Evening Post.
Two products, Armour thyroid tablets (porcine) and Thyrolar (bovine) are FDA-approved drugs.
Sub-laboratory" hypothyroidism and the empirical use of Armour thyroid.
A low dose of a natural thyroid extract, such as Armour Thyroid, can literally be life-changing in many of these patients.
He does not like Armour Thyroid, but does advocate Cytomel.