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American-made M113 armored personal carriers were seen in pictures of Sunday's parade, thought to be the group's largest on foreign soil, near the Syrian city of Qusair.
During the occasion, the army also displayed different types of Armored Personal carriers (APC) and most of them appeared new.
The government has rushed reinforcements to scene, including dozens of armored personal carriers and tanks.
In 1990, the USSR delivered Najib's government 54 military airplanes, 380 tanks, 865 armored personal carriers, 690 antiaircraft guns 150 R-17 rocket launchers and thousands of tons of fuel and 500 SCUD missiles.
In addition, the United States is considering leaving armored personal carriers and other military equipment in the region after the pull-out from Afghanistan.
PNNFifty armored personal carriers (APCs) intended as a gift from Russia to the Palestinian Authority remain in Jordan after more than a year since their initial delivery.
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