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an armor-plated truck with strong doors and locks used to transport money or valuables

a military combat vehicle on wheels with light armor (and usually a machine gun)

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Tenders are invited for Provision of Armored Car Services
Russia delivered 120 APCs and armored cars, 20 supersonic combat aircraft, 30 helicopters, and 1,240 surface-to-air missiles.
The Magna Carta, the Hope Diamond, and disputed election ballots from the 2000 presidential race--all have been transported by armored cars.
Russia delivered 120 APCs and armored cars, 30 supersonic combat aircraft, 40 helicopters, and 1,170 surface-to-air missiles.
In one case, two clowns were entertaining children in the parking lot of a shopping center when an armored car pulled in.
While no armored cars were dropped through the street (see the movie and you'll know what we mean), there were Mini Coopers galore outside Grauman's Chinese Theater along with Seth Green, Jason Statham, Mos Def and Franky G, some of the movie's human stars.
Typical applications for Stevens Aliphatic Urethane include windows for armored cars, buses, banks, and embassies; "hurricane glass" that meets new building codes in high-risk geographies; commercial airplane and train windshields; and military cockpit canopies.
The Vendor s officers, agents, servants, and employees ( Personnel ) who operate armored cars
Russia delivered 370 tanks and self-propelled guns, 300 APCs and armored cars, 4 major surface combatants, 2 minor surface combatants, 1 submarine, 240 supersonic combat aircraft, 200 helicopters, 770 surface-to-air missiles, and 70 anti-ship missiles.
A newly developed vehicle armor has been developed by DuPont for O'GaraHess & Eisenhardt, IMPAK has been specifically designed for armored cars and trucks.
It continues to be puzzling why any company would schedule a pickup of large sums of money by armored cars, or any other service, while open for business.
WireTrak's GeoTrak system is an integrated hardware/software solution designed to track and monitor armored cars, security vehicles, law enforcement mobile units, bait cars, commercial trucks, taxis, rental cars, and even private automobiles exposed to high risk situations.
Smart Ventures, Inc has inked a contract with Texas Armoring Corporation headquartered in San Antonio, Texas to provide sales and marketing of its armored cars in Africa and the Middle East.
Two armored cars were used early Tuesday as sheriff's officials executed a narcotics search warrant on a Palmdale home where they suspected methamphetamine was being made.
Not long ago, armored cars were used mainly by banks, companies with large cash payrolls, major retailers with significant daily currency needs, and for occasional special activities such as moving a large quantity of money or valuables.