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an American follower of the Mennonite religion

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Finally, international law questions arose in the interpretation of the 1947 ARMISH and 1950 MAAG agreements, and the application of the privileges enjoyed by ARMISH-MAAG personnel.
Informal opinions were the rule, often involving the interpretation of the ARMISH and MAAG agreements.
ST THOMAS MORE: Matthew Ploughs, Darren Killor, Patrick Gormley, Mark Davison, Paul Hodgson, Will James, Armish Sharma, Tom Pawley, Simon McLaughlin, Chris Stobbs, Kyle Hart, Anth O'Brien, Matt Jordan, Chris McGregor, Paul Mather.
The health and safety of our clients are our number one concern," said Amy Armish, Director of Food Technology and Quality Assurance, Jenny Craig, Inc.