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an American follower of the Mennonite religion

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Finally, international law questions arose in the interpretation of the 1947 ARMISH and 1950 MAAG agreements, and the application of the privileges enjoyed by ARMISH-MAAG personnel.
Informal opinions were the rule, often involving the interpretation of the ARMISH and MAAG agreements.
548002, of Punjab College for Women, 27-C Noon Avenue Muslim town Lahore clinched 1st position by securing 989 marks, Armish Ashraf, Roll No.
ST THOMAS MORE: Matthew Ploughs, Darren Killor, Patrick Gormley, Mark Davison, Paul Hodgson, Will James, Armish Sharma, Tom Pawley, Simon McLaughlin, Chris Stobbs, Kyle Hart, Anth O'Brien, Matt Jordan, Chris McGregor, Paul Mather.